Liz. (southern) Italian American.

  • Location: Washington State
  • Last bite on earth: Soft French bread, olive oil, and Mediterranean spiced sea salt.

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What Would You Feed a Celebrity?

I don't dream of feeding a celebrity.

HA! Here you go (insert famous person's name here), enjoy a hot bowl of Top Ramen and a glass of milk.

Didn't have time to pick up Rib eye from NY, Lobster from Maine, caviar from Russia, and truffles and champagne from France.

A Tour of Serious Eats Headquarters

Nice and cozy and looks stress-free :-)

You have an employee who graduated from Princeton?

Why isn't she a lawyer, scientist, doctor or professor?

Thanks for sharing a tour of your office space.

Coming to the Food Network: 'Kid in a Candy Store' with Adam Gertler

@DavidPD - I agree with you. This guy just doesn't have the spark a person needs when on TV. I won't be watching but for those who will, enjoy!

A Lasagna Showdown: Sandra Lee vs. Matilda Cuomo

LOL! This is funny.

Sandra, you can't cook Italian food! How do I know?

My southern Italian father married an east coast American woman.

I never liked my mom's cooking. I loved my dad's cooking. Ciao.

What's the story behind your SE screen name?

I lied a little in the first round from October 2009.

Paris is from the first episode of Anthony Bourdain No Reservations. I've never been to Paris, France but will visit someday.

The number 22 is still my favourite number. I was born in 1966.


Pan fried spaghetti, anyone?

Yum! Pan fried spaghetti! I've never eaten it like that before but it sounds so good I'll have to try it.


Tacos de Buche (Pork Stomach Tacos)

Very nice article and recipe! :-)

I don't eat pork and when looking at it raw, it looks horribly ugly and unappetizing.

It looks good once it's cooked but I still couldn't eat it.

I don't live in LA or NYC. This website seems to post about food eaten by people in those locations only.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Poll: Your Sweetheart Doesn't Like Burgers—Dealbreaker?

Who cares if he doesn't like burgers? As long as he's not a vegetarian.

Anthony Bourdain, love him or hate him?

I found out about Bourdain when I was at the library and found Kitchen Confidential.

I like his writing and own many of his books. I didn't watch the Food Network back when A Cook's Tour aired.

My favourite episodes of No Reservation were the episodes filmed before he got married. Vegas. Paris. Singapore. Seattle. Portland. Quebec. Vietnam. Mexico/Texas. Singapore. Japan. Iceland.

The Nasty Bits: Lamb's Head

A romantic dinner for two??! Only a chef would say that.

Chefs are not normal people.

A lamb's head + marriage proposal = Divorce.

I'd rather eat Durian. At least it doesn't have ear wax and a tongue.

What have you NOT eaten?

I have not eaten:

Limburger cheese
Chicken Mole
Cat fish
Yorkshire pudding
Chicken fried steak
Coq au vin
Beef bourguignon

That's it for now!

The Nasty Bits: Testicles, Grilled and Fried

Horrified. Totally gross.

I would rather eat Durian.

It may smell horrible, but at least it wouldn't need to get chopped off an animal.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Hummus Flavor?

Although I like garbonzo beans, I haven't eaten hummus yet. Roasted red pepper and eggplant sound good.

French in a Flash: Pistou-Crumbed Creamed Spinach

I've never tried creamed spinach. I'll try your recipe! Looks good! Thanks :)

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 112: I Cannot Have One Malted Milk Ball!

Whoppers were and still are on my "yuck" list.

I don't like the texture of them. Think of them as chocolate covered hair balls mixed with cat litter.

Good luck Ed! :)

Pizza Girl: Scary Delivery Situations

Never been a delivery girl.

Delivering pizza shouldn't be a dangerous job! Everybody deserves to make a living and be safe.

Animals-Eating Friday: Dog Eating with Hands

LAUGH!! I loved it! Omygosh..this is so cute!

What do you eat as an adult?

As an adult, I eat healthy most of the time. Just depends on what I'm craving. I don't buy organic but buy food with low sugar and low sodium.

If I want salt, I buy chips.

If I want sugar, I buy Haribo Gummi Bears or a chocolate bar.

As a kid, I hated seafood (prawns, shrimp, crab, lobster, oysters, clams, crawfish) - still do), spaghetti, pot roast, asparagus, cabbage, liver - yuck, rabbit - yuck, meatloaf, and pears.

I DID like TV dinners, mac & cheese, fish sticks and French fries, chicken pot pies, A&W hamburgers and root beer, veal, fried chicken, mayonaisse sandwiches, fried zucchini, Italian deli and tator tots.

I don't eat like that anymore.


Ripert-Morimoto-Bourdain Tattoo

I would be horrified if I were the three chefs.

They look gross on a man's hairy upper leg.

Introduce Yourself!

Hello, I'm Liz.

I live in Washington State. My first real job in the restaurant business was a dishwasher in a small family owned cafe/diner. The cook quit and the boss/owner decided to teach me how to be the new cook. He was like a dad. (My parents didn't teach me how to cook).

I am a legal secretary and mom to a 13-year-old son.

My dad is Italian (southern Italy) and my mom is from Pennsylvania.

The screen name paris221966 comes from "Paris is Romantic!" "The number 22 is my favourite number." "The year I was born was 1966."


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