Pappy J

Pizza Obsessives: Jimmy Coponi

I personally think we should give credit to a 17 year old who is passionate about pizza and not drugs, alcohol, or guns. Way to go Jimmy! Buona fortuna!

My Pizza Oven: Mark Wilkie, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

How does one go about submitting a picture for the my pizza oven section?

Pizza peel slide...what is wrong?

Hi there, one year ago I built a WFO and use it often, I was wondering what is the most common way to get your pies to easily slide off the pizza peel onto the oven floor? I usually have to flour the peel quite a bit to get the pie into the oven without problems.

My Pizza Oven

Hi there, I just finished building a WFO and was wondering how one goes about having it considered for the "My Pizza Oven" section, any help would be greatly appreciated.