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Honeycrisp Season?

I have never even heard of a honeycrisp apple and I have worked in the grocery bus. for 14yrs,including the produce pt,do they go by some other name,I'm in n.c. I can't get much good in the way of apples,great cantalopes though,let me know,Pammy

What to Do with Sunchoke?

I still do not know what a sunchoke is,can you be a little more spacific,I lived in vermont for 11yrs. and used to pick fiddle heads,they acualy can them in maine.I know poke weed or a weed that grows by cow pastures,is that it?pammy

What goes with Fennel Salad for lunch party?

how are you preparing your fennel,not sure what to do with it.I love the taste raw,but how do you use it in a salad,do you grill it first or steam it ,don't have a clue but would like to experiment,let me know,Pammy

watermelon sorbet or sherbert

Oh, how did your blueberry sorbet came out,I forgot to ask,sorry.Pammy

watermelon sorbet or sherbert

thanks,ssMom,Ihaven't made it yet,Ihad to mow the lawn,will let you know guys how it turned out,thaanks for the info,Pammy

watermelon sorbet or sherbert

To izatryt,thanks for your resp[onse ASAP;I will let you know how it comes out,thanks,Pammy....

Grocery bagging violations

I work in a grocery store in Virginia,I bag my own grocerys. I am almost pschotic about my watermelon. In tne winter months when you can't by a whole watermelon for $4.99 I buy a section that has been cut and wrapped in the store.Usually about 1.00 a lb. not cheap. I take my time to pick out the best looking piece,nothing that looks bruised. I get up to the check out and carefully lay it on the belt.The check out person then procedes to scan it by dragging it face down across the scanner,then the bagger grabs it and has to literely put his thumb through the wrap to pick it up,In as little time as that takes my piece of watermelon is running with juice and hand and THUMB prints indented in it.Ibag my own grocerys!!!


o.k.! exactly what is a truffle? i heard that they use pigs to sniff them out at the bottom of trees bt the roots,is this true,is it like a mushroom,pammy

Lip smacking meat pies

hi from pammy,I don't know the exact amount of ingredients,flavor to your taste.I boil potatoes just until tender,not mush.dice them up with a mixture of your meat. venision,pork,I have used.put the meat through a food prossesor till it looks like hamburger,mix with potatoes,add some finely diced carrots celery and onion,add some poultry seasoning or ground sage,I prefer poultry seasoning,salt,not to muc,and pepper.fill pie shell and top.bake about 40 minutes till pie crust browns. heat a jar of mushroom gravy or better pork gravy,comes out really well.

Are you guilty of lessipe?

can I ask a something really stupid,I'm not that good with the computer and don't know alot of terms,but whats a blog? don't laugh i'm serious,pammy

Are you guilty of lessipe?

would there even be a cook book today or even something called a "reciepe" If not for every time someone made a dish it wasn't recorded and written down! and pasted down from family and friends!I have tried challengling reciepes and sometimes they were not what I expected,but I can't imagine some one leaving out a specific ingredient.I LOVE TO COOK,! I want more and more and if I have something great i will share,pammy

pot stickers,help!

thank you all for your comments on my dumpling adventure.i used won ton wraps and they came out great! The reciepe yielded over 50. the ones I did'nt use i froze till firm and packaged them in freezer bags.thanks for all your help,pammy


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