Best place for quick, cheap dinner in Upper West Side?

Cook the Book: 'The Breakaway Cook'

Local, fresh vegetables. We decided to start shopping locally at farmer's markets this summer - and it has really changed the way we eat. Even the simplest dishes (for example: Brandywine tomato sandwiches) taste complex and delicious.

Best places for cake in NYC?

Thank you so much everybody! I am sorting through your suggestions now, but keep 'em rolling!

Best places for cake in NYC?

My best friend and I have birthdays that are separated by ten days. Our plan is to eat (at least) a slice of cake on each day between our birthdays. We want to try cake at a different place each day. Please recommend your favorite places to purchase cake, preferably in a slice-ular form (and recommend a type of cake or two!). We are looking for anything in Manhattan, or anything in the boroughs that is less than 20-30 min. outside of Manhattan, and can be reached easily by subway/bus. Thanks!

Inexpensive dinner in NYC's Village. Recommendations?

My roommate and I are going out for dinner this Friday night. We want to try some place new (we are tired of eating at the same places all the time), and we would prefer it to be in the Village (West or East, we're not too picky) area. We are looking for something relatively inexpensive and delicious, with a nice atmosphere. We don't go out often - and we aren't looking for a sports-bar-kind-of scene (unless it's really worth it). Cuisine doesn't matter - in fact, if you can provide several different types, that would be great!

Also, I feel like I am always asking about restaurants here. Can anyone recommend a good website that has user reviews for restaurants in New York City?

Thanks so much!

Any recommendations on an excellent brunch in Manhattan?

My boyfriend and I are planning to have brunch on the Sunday after Valentine's Day, and I would like to pick some place that will be especially tasty.

I am looking for something moderately priced. I live in the West 50's, but don't mind traveling if it's not too far. Cuisine is not an issue, but nothing too outrageous - the boyfriend isn't keen on crazy food items.

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