Cast Iron question.

Thanks for everyone's reply. But I have some more questions. Do you still need to use oil when you are cooking on a seasoned cast iron? Even before I added kimchi, the pan started to have a black spot in the center as soon as poured a grapeseed oil for cooking (while the pan was heated in the high heat).

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

I have never been much of a cook but I have been saving recipes on Evernote which now has more than 100. One of recipes in my "To-Do" tag is a roasted chicken and that's what I would like to try with this thermometer--either Thomas Keller's recipe that I watched from the show No Reservations, or Michael Ruhlman's recipe from Serious Eats post "Cook the Book: Perfect Roasted Chicken"

Cook the Book: Roy Choi's 'L.A. Son'

I recently moved from NC to CA for grad school. Many of my classmates/friends were non-CA natives and we decided to have an orphan Thanksgiving Day potluck dinner.

I never cooked much in my life but I decide to make "Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Shallots with Balsamic Vinegar" I found on Serious Eats. It turn out well, but we all enjoyed meals each other brought. To me, this was my family away from home, and the one of the best family meal ever in my life.

Cast Iron question.

So I got my first cast iron pan (Lodge, 10.25) I seasoned by following this instruction ( I seasoned with grapeseed oil.

After seasoning, I tried to cook some pork and kimchi together. First I heated up the pan, then poured grapeseed oil before putting ingredients. As soon as put in the oil, smoke started appear and dark spot started to appear. But I still continued to cook because well, I was hungry.

This is what looks like after cooking and tried to clean it.

I found this post ( about removing rust with potato. I tried it and this is how it look:

Slightly better but still rusty. What did I exactly mass up for my brand new cast iron? Do you not need to use additional oil for a seasoned cast iron?

[New Orleans] What restaurants are featured in HBO show Treme?

I am driving from NC to Austin and stopping by at New Orleans for a day.

I enjoyed the HBO show Treme set in New Orleans and wish to visit some of places that were featured in the show.

I found this article that lists
--Angelo Brocato's Italian Ice Cream Parlor
--Hubig's Pies
--Old New Orleans Rum

But this is just few and I would like to know what are other famous spots.

One place I'm specially interested is this very old Italian (?) restaurant, maybe out side of New Orleans. I think it was Nelson Hidalgo (Jon Seda) who dined their some shady politician character in season 2.

Also, I am taking I-85 from NC to New Orleans, if I have any good recommendations between (it's 12 hours of driving afterall), please share some with me!

[Virginia] Any good BBQ place near I-85 & I-95

I am driving back and forth from NC to Washington DC for the third time in a month and realized I haven't really tried any Virginian barbecue.

I am a Korean immigrant who's in love with American barbecue. In my senior year in college, I traveled around eastern NC to document barbecue places for a school project.

Given that my barbecue experience is mostly NC BBQ, I would like to try some Virginia style barbecue. However, I don't want travel too far away from the route, so I am looking for barbecue places near I-85 and I-95. Any recommendations?

Washing DC - Where can I buy a mumbo/mambo sauce?

I recently learned of the existence of this unique DC condiment and thought of it as good gift for my recent travel to DC.

I tried to find a place to purchase the sauce before I was leaving DC around Georgetown but most Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood didn't carry it (I guess the neighborhood's too fancy for that).

I ended up buying it from the nearest Chinese restaurant & bar in Arlington that was also a sushi place (always a bad sign).

To be honest, I didn't try the sauce and just left it in the fridge because I wasn't exactly thrilled of the place.

Well I have to visit DC next week again and wish to make another try. Any recommendation of good place to purchase the mambo/mumbo sauce in DC?

P.S. The receipt from the restaurant I purchased stated it as "general tso's sauce" instead of mambo sauce. Are they the same thing?

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