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Weekend Cook and Tell: You Say Potato

To potato or not to potato for inspiration....
love to know if you all liked it :)

Oyster Rockefeller, Crepes Suzette...Favorite retro foods?

agree with ag3208 on shrimp cocktail with a crispy lettuce leaf underneath...i'm also crazy about the little colored umbrellas they used to place on cocktails...

Creating mini-meatloaf appetizers . . on what base?

I suggest you make meatloaf rolls (mini) and cut in sushi fashion, like small rolls, then serve with chopsticks. You can fill with thin omelette and peas, or artichoke hearts and so on, if you need more ideas - let me know!

acidic tomato sauce

tablespoon of sugar but above all (and this is the best secret) before beginning to cook, place your canned tomatoes in a colander and leave them there for a half hour or mour you will notice that plenty of liquid even transparent and waterlike liquid will come out. All that water that tomatoes contain make your tomato acidic...Ciao


The Negroni is a florentine drink that derives from the americano... i wrote its story here:


The Negroni is a florentine drink that derives from the americano... i wrote its story here:

Healthy & Delicious: Italian Egg-Drop Soup

i'm italian and never saw this throughout the country...does anyone know what it's called in italian?

Weekend Cook and Tell: Winning Roast Chicken

Tuscan Brick chicken is the best...not because I'm tuscan but because it's simplicity excellence. Brick but also devilled! link

Why San Marzano tomatoes for pizza?

i'm sorry my comment didn't appear....

Article: "Cooks Get A New 'Recipe View' From Google"

I wish I could use it to let you know my thoughts, but it apparently doesn't work here...yet.
by the way do you know when I'll be able to use it?


Italians suggest 10-12°C and 60% humidity. This generally speaking should do the trick.

Why San Marzano tomatoes for pizza?

San Marzano tomatoes because they are the ones that contain less water and water in tomatoes is equivalent to high acidity.
@Monkii don't worry doc stands for (of controlled origin) a food that belongs to a certain territory must follow certain quality standards. It's ideally the perfect recipe or product

read here to better understand designations and labels... in italy

Ways to use Prosciuitto?

I agree with @Anne2010 in Tuscany Prosciutto is made using a different curing method for this reason it's saltier and tastier... if you have tuscan prosciutto the best thing to do is combine it with the sweetness of a golden melon!

What is it and how do you eat it?

the only weird way I eat something... watermelon with a spoon. :)

Unusual mayonnaise uses

add dijon mustard to it, nothing strange but delicious!

Is there a "foodie gene", or is it just a virus that you caught?

family problems....that in this case can be openly discussed with the world :)

computer/online recipe organizing apps?

Hi Christina, I use this tool here: It's called the recipe book and Mutti created it but you can save all the recipes you love and like in one place (not necessarily mutti recipes).
You place this little button on your tool bar and whenever you see something you like you can save it.
I click on it during the week and then on weekends take a look to see what I can prepare :)
Let me know if it helps put some order!
Oriana - tuscanycious

Suggestions for Deep Fried Onion Rings

I can't not let you into a little tuscan secret used in deep frying! This post is rich in tips for the perfect batter and onion rings are number 1 on the list!

Recipe for a veggie burger?

I always use potatoes as a base and then add bits of other vegetables!

Dinner Tonight: Pasta with Onion, Bacon, and Tomato (Pasta All'Amatriciana)

I know it might sound strange but the word bacon by the word amatriciana is unbearable. Guanciale has absolutely nothing to do with bacon! Its role is fundamental in amatriciana born in the town of Amatrice where , in the original recipe no tomato was used and no onions are used today but Guanciale is used in every version.
Please excuse the fact I got so upset over a recipe...


soooorry ... i'm sure you know that I mean milk and not milf
didn't want to be obscene :)

What's the big deal with truffles?

Hi mk2305! I'm from Tuscany and a food writer, don't worry but please let us know what kind of truffle you makes a huge difference.

Ciao, Oriana


In Italy we very rarely use "heavy cream". It's actually one of those things we tend to feel very snobbish offense. Unfortunately, that's what gives your pasta the gluey - sticky effect.
Also (another problem might be) always use 1 lt of water for every 100 g of pasta.
A suggestion, if you want to stick to your recipe -without literally sticking your pasta together, try using a bit of milf inastead of cream to mix in with the lemon juice.

Food related books - need a good read.

@Avaryne we apparently have the same taste...those are the same two i would have suggested! Simon M. also has a new book on eating in the u.k. called eating for Britain...