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Weekend Cook and Tell: A Sandwich a Day

last week I made a persimmon/brie/arugula panini. it was fantastic!

here are a few of my other favorites: Smoked salmon with avocado and cucumbers (
farmers cheese and pan roasted grapes (
nutella/granny smith apple/nuts:
"french onion soup" challah one sided sandwich:

Weekend Cook and Tell: Keen on Quinoa

I so knew this was inspired by Joe Yonan :) I happen to feel pretty neutral about quinoa. I don't mind it, but I would prefer mashed potatoes instead. Still, here are a few recipes I made using quinoa:


Breakfast quinoa with nuts and fruit:

Quinoa with beets:

Weekend Cook and Tell: The Body on That Buttermilk

I love buttermilk. Growing up in Russia we actually drank it straight up. But I know that seems weird to others, so here are some of the recipes I came up with that use buttermilk:

Buttermilk Pancakes with Boozy Persimmons:

Roasted Pear & Buttermilk Sorbet:

Adobo Buttermilk Chicken and Onions:

Buttermilk Panna Cota:

Cold Beet Soup with Buttermilk:

I think I've made it clear I'm a fan :)

Weekend Cook and Tell: Remembering Julia

Although I was part of #JC100 group to celebrate Julia Child's 100th birthday, I only managed to make one recipe, but it was a great one: Vichyssoise Recipe: Cold Leek & Potato Soup.

Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Tomatoes to Die For

You guys are adorable! Thanks for ending with me :)

Weekend Cook and Tell: Spring Holiday Spectacular

I made a matzo brei over the weekend, but instead of your usual eggs/cinnamon/sugar, I did something a bit different: Matzo Brei with Roasted Pepper, Olives and Parsley.

7 Brunches We Love in Washington, D.C.

May I also add a few? Blue Duck Tavern, Tabbard Inn, Birch & Barley, and Agora (all you can eat/drink!).

Weekend Cook and Tell: Cabbage Patch

None of these recipes are Irish ;) Just thought I'd let you know upfront.

1) Russian Stuffed Cabbage (aka Golubtsi)
2) Russian Crescent Rolls with Cabbage
3) Russian Cabbage Soup
4) For something other than Russian (LOL), Kimchi Soup

Weekend Cook and Tell: Pancakes Anytime

the latest pancake recipe I made and loved was buttermilk pancakes with boozy pesimmons and mangoes, but I also like them from a mix! I know shocking.

What I do is just add a few extra ingredients to kick them up :) If you are not into it, make these from scratch mascarpone pancakes. They are rich and decadent.

And of course don't forget chocolate chips. Here's a recipe for pancakes with peaches and chocolate.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Romantic Respites Revisited

all I have to say, is do NOT buy chocolate covered strawberries. they are so overpriced! Make them at home instead!

BBQ in Savannah, Ga.?

I loved the BBQ in a little tiny Angel's BBQ during my visit to Savannah. It's definitely a casual place, but the food was outstanding.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Cookie Season

Cookies: what's not to like? There is such a large variety of them: everyone would be satisfied!

Here are some of my favorites: Dry Tart Cherry, Nuts & Chocolate Chip, pistachio butter cookies, Milano cookies, and hamentashen.

Ethopian Food in DC

you are in for a treat! there are so many Ethiopian places in DC. I wasn't blown away by Ethiopic. I much rather prefer some of the older and smaller places. And of course, there is always Etete, Dukem or Roha.


Weekend Cook and Tell: Cranberry Confidential

Love cranberries. I mostly use the dried variety, but I've made Challah French Toast stuffed with Boozy Cranberries with the cranberry sauce I made from the fresh berries.

The dried cranberries were great in the brown rice dish that also had maitake mushrooms and beets.

And for dessert, how about a gorgeous Cranberry, walnut & chocolate tart?


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