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3 Simple Yucat√°n-Style Condiments to Spice Up Taco Night

we went to the mayan riviera earlier this month and our hotel had a habanero salsa bar with 10 different face melting salsas. each with a different fruit profile and probably that base recipe. so delish I ended up only eating tamales for breakfast so I could try them all.

The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 5

yay! I love the new recipes you come up with every year. and as a traveler I do try to take the time to look up the veg restaurants before we go, otherwise it is chipotle and salads.

also I look forward to supporting your pet charity - disneyland for roosters and bulls

Equipment: The Best Hand Blender for the Home Cook

so glad to know I am not the only one still mourning that damn braun hand blender. everything else still pales. I have gone through two different ones trying to replace it. I will try the all clad next.

Why You Should Stop Boiling Your Oatmeal and Start Baking It

we just get it ready the night before and let it soak then it cooks fast in the oven, we like whole oats, not quick cook for better flavor and texture.

Vegan Mayonnaise Taste Test Produces Surprising Results

veganaise is delicious but as a ex-miracle whip user as opposed to ex-mayo user, it makes sense. veganaise is 100% a miracle whip replacer

An Introduction to Blue Cheese: 4 Beginner Blues for Newbies

shropshire blue is my all time favorite, some blues have a bleachy aftertaste to me like maytag, but shropshire is always yummy

Vegan Game Day Snacks: The Best Buffalo And Korean Fried Cauliflower

we actually buy the quorn nuggets (vegetarian, not dairy free) and dip them in the classic franks/butter sauce, served with homemade blue cheese dressing, I will try these next time though

Can I Make Vegan Mapo Tofu That's Better Than The Real Thing?

oooh thank you... I have you regular version bookmarked to make with veggie meat, now I can use this one instead!

Which Black Box Wine is the Best?

we keep a box of the cabernet around all the time, merlot is too heavy for us and it is nice to be able to have a glass of wine, once a day or once a week or however often, although I do find that if you keep it longer than 6 weeks it does start to lose flavor. but the cabernet is definitely our favorite

Weekend Cook and Tell: Canning Confidential

We can lots of jam and tomatoes every year. Last year we went for a big pickle experimentation. It was a lot of fun.

What Should an In-N-Out Virgin Order?

start with the original (a single) with everything, be sure to specify grilled onions, also order french fries and a chocolate malt along with a double double in any crazy style you choose, but start with the single and eat it slowly to ahem 'pop the cough cough' and truly savor the yumminess

Sandwiched: Deviled Ham Salad

I am so going to have to find a way to make this vegetarian. I haven't thought of deviled ham sandwiches since I was 12, but there were a guilty pleasure when my mom would have me do the grocery shopping (ie she sat in the car in case they wouldn't let me run her credit card). I can already make a mean vegetarian chicken salad, so hopefully I can manage it.

Chain Reaction: Round Table Pizza

I worked at RT in high school. That 12 hour cold rise occurs in bags, which expand full of rich yeasty air, which you can pierce and inhale, ah memories. Oh and the pizza was truly the best pizza in the town I grew up in. So I have a soft spot.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Considering Coconut Milk

My husband is allergic to dairy and we use coconut milk in everything. Even better is to buy coconut cream which you can find in your local Asian grocery and it subs well for yogurt. I have found that making potatoes with coconut milk does not work - ie mashed, scalloped, etc, I have to use soy for those. But our favorite is to make whipped cream using coconut milk, vanilla, and you don't need sugar, just blend it up with a hand blender. It takes a little longer to set, but it is good. I also made an awesome chocolate coffee frosting for my sons birthday included here.

Jim Lahey's Pizza Bianca

I want to fold this in half and eat it right now with oil dripping off my chin, sigh, I miss NYC, why am I so far from any coast.

The Food Lab: Vegan Burgers That Don't Suck

I make a pretty mean black bean/quinoa burger that holds up well on the grill as long as you pre-freeze it first. I will have to try adding eggplant next time, it seems to make sense. I started with lentils and rice and evolved to black beans and quinoa for flavor. Also they are gluten free and could be vegan if you sub some sort of nut milk for the egg I use.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Cabbage Patch

We love cabbage and potatoes! We make it all winter until the spring greens come in.

Spice Hunting: Gochujang, Korean Chile Paste

My sister taught me how to make Ttoekboki. But some gochujang does have wheat flour, but it should be labeled. H-mart is our best friend these days.

Vegan Kimchi As Good As The Real Thing

there is something called 'fish sauce for vegetarians' that I use in my vegan kimchi you can see a picture in the link below. I also use fresh peppers that I blend with the garlic and ginger to make a paste. I am always a little afraid that the korean chili paste will have shrimp in it and I won't be able to tell as I don't read korean.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Canadian Mist Blended Whisky

my dad always had a bottle of canadian mist, usually a rather large bottle in his liquor cabinet, it was his go to drink. I always enjoyed sneaking sips of it. maybe that's why I am not a sweet drink kinda gal

The Vegan Experience, Day 6: Calorie Control

I am going to disagree about the daiya. My husband is allergic to dairy and we made a vegan/gluten free lasagna with it and it was weird. We tried it on a few other things and decided it wasn't worth it. Kinda like the whole previous discussion on fake meat. Also I have plenty of vegan recipes here:

Say No To Faux

We keep faux meat in the house as we have three kids and sometimes it is really easy to quickly make a box of quorn nuggets just like all the other parents making those funky dino nuggets or whatever they are. Except I know what is in mine.

I make my own veggie burgers for home, but do bring others to bbqs as their synthetic properties help them stand up the grill better, but I do a triple foil wrap to avoid any contamination.

And yes the breakfast sausages are really good, but sausage is all about the spice and texture alongside the eggs and biscuits, which just doesn't happen with tofu. =)

The Vegan Experience, Day 0

to add to my kudos

- kate's joint has the best unbuffalo wings and a good po'boy they are by far my favorite greasy spoon for vegan/vegetarian in the city
- candle cafe has an insanely good tofu sandwich, I have to say my meat eating friends secretly love it

I have some recipes here to help you out at home

having been vegetarian for the past 23 years and vegan for 7 of them, eggs have always creeped me out. the worst phrase I ever heard - eggs aren't chicken abortions, they are chicken periods... except if they are fertile, then the former

The Vegan Experience, Day 0

I applaud this effort whole heartedly.

Grilling: Planked Goat Cheese-Stuffed Peppadews

i buy these at whole foods from their bulk bar along with the mozzarella and tomatoes (but I don't get any tomatoes), and I just stuff the cheese right in and eat them in the car.. it is a guilty pleasure, I can't imagine grilling them up...mmm