Happily married......56 y o male.... I love to cook, I'm an avid reader(yes...I read while,love riding my Harley,and when it ain't too hot I love playing racquetball.

  • Location: Florida
  • Last bite on earth: either a 1/3 lb homemade burger from a fresh ground chuck roast, grilled medium rare oin a toasted bun, plenty of salt an pepper an nothin else cept for mayo n ketchup.....or a pork butt that has been cooked for about 12 hours on my smoker !!!

Two Pounds of Ground Beef- What to make?

Not Your Mothers Meatloaf !


How bout I EAT SPAM ?

Amsterdam Eats

Don't forget the Space Brownies !

Have a milkshake today for Jakey. She will be missed

We'll all miss Amy and her wicked sense of humor.RIP my friend xoxoxo

Gadgets: Chef'n SleekStor Measuring Beakers

I think they're pretty darn cool. I'd feel like a foodie scientist using these !!

Gadgets: OXO Batter Dispenser

I think it would work great for mini muffin pans !

What won't you allow in your kitchen/pantry?

My wife..............

Special Occasion Drinking

Pretty much all I enjoy drinking is bourbon,and I'm not stuck on one brand.Sometimes when I go to the likker store,I go high end,and sometimes I go bottom shelf.Screw the special occasions !!!

Better Ideas for "French Dip" Beef Sandwiches?

@guycooking.....with all due respect to MeatGuy,I'm a butcher by trade,and I don't think you can beat top round for what you're doing.I was thinking along these lines... And I'd just like to say,that MeatGuy is the man!

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Better Ideas for "French Dip" Beef Sandwiches?

I don't have any ideas about the sous vide time and temp,but for the best meat to use,I'd go with top round.Make a bunch of little slits,insert the garlic,then season very liberally with salt and pepper!

Lodge pizza pan and Weber kettle

Just thinking,would your idea work better if you preheated the pan on the grill,and slid the pie onto it,then cover it?

Help cooking grass fed ribeyes

@rasellerso, no offense,but what's wrong with the marked down meat section.There's always some really good buys there :)

Your Experience of Time While Cooking

That's where we can agree to disagree @smsingram :) I love that book!!

Your Experience of Time While Cooking

The title of this post reminds me of Jimi Hendrix,singing, "Are you experienced.....have you ever been experienced"? As for my experience of time,it depends on what certain chemical I might be taking that day,e.g.

Quaaludes....time slows wayyyyy down

LSD....time is in another dimension

Cannibis Sativa.....the hell with cookin',let's eat!

Alcohol......makes for a relaxed and pleasant cooking experience !

Have you ever been experienced?

Help cooking grass fed ribeyes

What grade of beef were they? A lot of stores now carry Select grade,which is a leaner grade than Choice,thus making for a tougher steak.

Gadgets: Measuring Colander

Thanks so much for the review,Donna.This looks like something I'd use instead of having the big colander out :)

WFO Dream Job--I'm in mine finally, what's yours?

Sounds like the perfect job for you,dhorst!!!! I absolutely love my job,it's just the corporate BS that I can't stand.And for those who don't know me,I'm a butcher by trade :)

Picking Up Two Live 90lb Boar Pigs!!!

Are you planning on skinning the pigs,or leaving the skin on? It's gonna make a huge difference in the way they're cooked. The skin will help keep the meat moist during the long cooking time.If you planning on skinning it,look for a video on a cooking apparatus called La Caja China.

Flank Steak

How are you planning on cooking it!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

I like chopping everything.........except for my fingertips!!

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Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

Are we talking orally or rectally>?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

Peanut butter and jelly sriracha sandwich!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Camp Bacon Gift Box

Let's hear it for the food service people!

I answered a post about someone wanting to go out to eat on Thanksgiving day.Some peeps agreed with what I was saying,and some were haters.What do you think about going out to eat on a holiday such as Thanksgiving or Christmas?Personally I think both holidays are better spent with families,at home.Let the hating begin!

Looking to buy a stand mixer...

Hi all, I like to bake and decorate cakes,and make my own icing.So I'm looking at buying a stand mixer,and am leaning towards the KA Professional 600 6 quart mixer.Any reviews,obversations,recommendations will be appreciated.Thanks

Pot Racks........

Hi fellow "foodies"....lmao.....sorry,I just hadda slip the word "foodie" in we'll be moving into a much bigger house within a month.....and it has a huge kitchen....officially designated as "my room". Already I'm thinking about hanging a pot rack from the ceiling.How many of you guys actually have a pot rack,and for those that do,do you actually use it to hang everyday pots n pans,or do ya's just use it to show off your "good" pots n pans.I guess my question would be "is it worth the time,money and trouble to hang a pot rack", or just stash 'em all in some of the many cabinets there? Thanks...

How do you serve Gefilte Fish?

Ok, I could have googled this and gotten an answer,but I value everyone's opinion on here, much more than googling. I've never eaten gefilte fish,and have always wanted to try it.I found a large jar of it on sale for $1.25 and couldn't pass it up.How does everyone on here serve/eat gefilte fish? room temp? Chilled?With condiments? I'm dying to try this,but I want an "authentic" experience. Thanks in advance !

Rachel Ray dog food? WTF ... now I've seen it all!

OK. I'm a butcher in a large grocery store in central Florida. Today at work, the demo lady had a table with Rachel Ray dog food, an opened bag with a plateful on her table. I see 2 things wrong here.

#1: Rachel Ray shilling dog food? Maybe leftovers from 30 minute meals?

#2: A damn plateful of dry dog food on her demo table ... a customer only read the "Rachel Ray" part of her sign, walked up and took a small handful of dog food, thinking it was "people" food and ate it. I was laughing my ass off all day.

Caramel Icing Recipe

Years ago,my SIL used to make a caramel icing that she would cook in a saucepan and then,I thought,she would just pour it over a cake,where it would kinda harden.Not quite crunchy,but not at all soft.All the recipes I looked up said to cook the icing,then put it in a mixing bown and beat it.Anyone familiar with the pouring method?

Looking to Buy a Stick Blender

Hi Fellow SE'rs, I just had some serious oral surgery and have to eat my food pureed for a while.

So I think life will be a lot easier with a stick blender. Any recommendations? I'll be pureeing cooked meat, vegetables and some fruit. Thanks in advance.

Tramontina Saute Pan

I was reading here a few weeks ago about an All-Clad sale. I think it was in the northeastern US, kinda far for me to go, and I seem to remember someone saying that Tramontina fry pans were a very close second to All-Clad.

I bought a 12" Tramontina skillet yesterday and sauteed a few small steaks in it at medium-high heat, then deglazed the pan with a few tablespoons of room-temp wine.

After dinner I washed the pan out, after it had cooled down, and I noticed this morning that the freakin' thing had warped! Anyone else had this problem?

In hindsight I guess I shoulda just broke down and bought the All-Clad.

What makes a GREAT hamburger?

OK,to start off,I'm a hamburger purist.No turkey burgers,no boca burgers,just plain beef on a roll,with whatever condiments you like. Tonight I made,IMHO,one of the best burgers I've ever eaten.At least from a purist's view.I'm always experimenting with different cuts of meat,freshly at work I had some tri-tip meat that just looked too good to pass up.I diced up the meat,along with some fat,and ground it only ONCE.With the fat I had added,it made the chop meat about 85-90% lean,which I was a little leary about,since I usualy like mine about 80% lean.Took the chop meat home,heated up a cast iron skillet on high,disconnected my smoke alarms,and very,very gently patted the mean into 1/3 lb balls.Dropped them into the hot skillet and smashed them down only once.Sprinkled a lot of kosher salt on them and once they had a nice crust on the bottom,I flipped them,put the top of the hamburger roll on top of each burger,to steam the roll,and pulled them off the pan at medium rare.I was gonna put some Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce on them,but after the first meaty bite,they were so damn good plain,nice beefy flavor annd a nice crunchy crust,that I decided not to put anything else on them and ruin the "beefiness' of the burger.Sorry to ramble here,but they were so good I hadda share.How do you like your burgers?

Caramel Apple Pie

Now that we're on the topic of apple pies, I'm craving a good Caramel Apple Pie. Most recipe's I find just used a jar of caramel on the top of the pie after its cooked. Sounds kinda generic to me. Anyone have a good recipe?

Wedding Cake was a smashing success !!!!

Here's an update for anyone that answered my 2 wedding cake posts a few weeks ago. My daughters wedding was a total success and her cake went over really well.She was totally impressed with it and that was all that mattered to me.It was white cake with raspberry filling and indydebi's buttercream icing.The icing crusted over very well,so I wasn't worried about it melting in the florida heat.There are a few pics of the cake on my website.Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Wedding cake help - part 2!

ok....i just made a swiss meringue buttercream icing....kinda a little practice for the big cake....i thought it was way too buttery i used 4 egg whites,1 c sugar,3 sticks butter,1 tsp vanilla and 1/4 tsp cream of tartar....any siggestions as to what i can add to this icing to cut the "butteriness"?.....thanks in advance

Wedding cake help

My daughter's getting married in about a month and I volunteered to make her cake. This cake has to be freakin' PERFECT. I need a fail safe recipe for good decorating icing. I live in florida (hot all the time) and it's hard to find a good buttercream that doesn't melt, unless I use the all veg shortening an 10x powdered sugar icing which ends up tasting like sugary grease. Any suggestions?

what kind of knives do you have and how do you sharpen them ?

We've talked about knives on here before,but i was wonderin how everyone likes to sharpen them?.....i have 3 forschner 8" and a 10 " chefs knife and an 8"breaking knife...the breaking knife i usually use at work....meat cutter....i use a steel every time i use any knife....but when they need serious sharpening i take them to work and use the 3 sided whetstone......but only the mediun stone...i never let my knives get to where i need the coarse stone an find the fine stone only polishes the blade...what about you guys?

whats the grossest thing you've seen....

ok...i've seen on here where people have commented on gross reataurant patrons, but whats the grossest thing you've ever seen a restaurant employee do?....once i ordered a take out pizza....the guy makes the crust....puts on the sauce.....scratches his head with both hands an then puts the cheese on the pizza....needless to say i got my money back and never returned.....

starting a food blog ........

.....i'm an assistant meat manager at a large grocery store and i want to start a food blog where i can give people tips on how to cook meat and also how to save $ when they're shopping for meat an i'm tryin to think of a catchy name for my blog....any ideas?

whats the best fry pan ?

i want to buy a non stick fry pan but dont know which is better ? stainless.....aluminium or carbon steel ? and i certainly dont want to spend $200 bucks either....any recommendations ?

The Food Lab, Ramen Edition: How to Make Chashu Pork Belly

Japanese chashu gets its name from the bright red Chinese barbecued pork known as char siu—you know, the stuff you see hanging in windows or stuffed into steamed bao?—and it probably came to Japan from China around the same time that ramen itself did. But like ramen, it's undergone some major alterations over the centuries. Unlike char siu, which is made by painting slices of pork shoulder with a thick, sweet marinade and roasting it, Japanese chashu is a simmered dish made with pork belly. The question: What separates the bad chashu from the good, the good chashu from the great, and how do we recreate the best at home? More

The Food Lab's Complete Guide To Buying, Storing, and Cooking a Leg of Lamb

I can think of only a precious few situations when I'd rather have a steak than a fatty, musky lamb chop. Or when I'd rather have a pot roast than a rich, slightly funky braised lamb shank. And when it comes to holiday roasts, the Prime Rib may be the king of the table, but the roasted leg of lamb is his wilder, funner cousin. Here's a guide to buying, seasoning, cooking, and carving lamb. More