Happily married......56 y o male.... I love to cook, I'm an avid reader(yes...I read while,love riding my Harley,and when it ain't too hot I love playing racquetball.

  • Location: Florida
  • Last bite on earth: either a 1/3 lb homemade burger from a fresh ground chuck roast, grilled medium rare oin a toasted bun, plenty of salt an pepper an nothin else cept for mayo n ketchup.....or a pork butt that has been cooked for about 12 hours on my smoker !!!

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Amsterdam Eats

Don't forget the Space Brownies !

Have a milkshake today for Jakey. She will be missed

We'll all miss Amy and her wicked sense of humor.RIP my friend xoxoxo

Gadgets: Chef'n SleekStor Measuring Beakers

I think they're pretty darn cool. I'd feel like a foodie scientist using these !!

Gadgets: OXO Batter Dispenser

I think it would work great for mini muffin pans !

Special Occasion Drinking

Pretty much all I enjoy drinking is bourbon,and I'm not stuck on one brand.Sometimes when I go to the likker store,I go high end,and sometimes I go bottom shelf.Screw the special occasions !!!

Better Ideas for "French Dip" Beef Sandwiches?

@guycooking.....with all due respect to MeatGuy,I'm a butcher by trade,and I don't think you can beat top round for what you're doing.I was thinking along these lines... And I'd just like to say,that MeatGuy is the man!

Better Ideas for "French Dip" Beef Sandwiches?

I don't have any ideas about the sous vide time and temp,but for the best meat to use,I'd go with top round.Make a bunch of little slits,insert the garlic,then season very liberally with salt and pepper!

Lodge pizza pan and Weber kettle

Just thinking,would your idea work better if you preheated the pan on the grill,and slid the pie onto it,then cover it?

Help cooking grass fed ribeyes

@rasellerso, no offense,but what's wrong with the marked down meat section.There's always some really good buys there :)

Your Experience of Time While Cooking

That's where we can agree to disagree @smsingram :) I love that book!!

Your Experience of Time While Cooking

The title of this post reminds me of Jimi Hendrix,singing, "Are you experienced.....have you ever been experienced"? As for my experience of time,it depends on what certain chemical I might be taking that day,e.g.

Quaaludes....time slows wayyyyy down

LSD....time is in another dimension

Cannibis Sativa.....the hell with cookin',let's eat!

Alcohol......makes for a relaxed and pleasant cooking experience !

Have you ever been experienced?

Help cooking grass fed ribeyes

What grade of beef were they? A lot of stores now carry Select grade,which is a leaner grade than Choice,thus making for a tougher steak.

Gadgets: Measuring Colander

Thanks so much for the review,Donna.This looks like something I'd use instead of having the big colander out :)

WFO Dream Job--I'm in mine finally, what's yours?

Sounds like the perfect job for you,dhorst!!!! I absolutely love my job,it's just the corporate BS that I can't stand.And for those who don't know me,I'm a butcher by trade :)

Picking Up Two Live 90lb Boar Pigs!!!

Are you planning on skinning the pigs,or leaving the skin on? It's gonna make a huge difference in the way they're cooked. The skin will help keep the meat moist during the long cooking time.If you planning on skinning it,look for a video on a cooking apparatus called La Caja China.

Flank Steak

How are you planning on cooking it!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

I like chopping everything.........except for my fingertips!!