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Cuban-Style Roast Pork Shoulder With Mojo

Ditto on the pressure cooker or alternate cooking method option. My home has no AC, and it's regularly getting up to 80 degrees here. This is a no-go until October. :X

Cheesecake Streusel Muffins

Tastes nice, but as many previous commenters noted it overflows like crazy. The filling also raises the level of the batter in the cup considerably, so you should fill cups at most 1/3rd before applying the cheesecake.

Will try again and just pretend this recipe makes two dozen instead of one.

Easy One-Pot Chicken Tinga (Spicy Mexican Shredded Chicken)

Hey Kenji, I'm in-progress making this and noticed the recipe said peeled tomatillos, but your pictures clearly show unpeeled ones. I peeled mine anyway, but I'm guessing it was unnecessary.

A Hill of Beans, and How I Cooked Them

Rancho Gordo beans are one of those few "luxury" foods I consider worth the price tag. Been eating them nearly a decade ever since I went searching for "Christmas" limas and they were the only people who had 'em. I recommend them to any friend who is a bean aficionado. Work sends me to SF once or twice a year, and I always duck out at some point to restock on their beans.

I realize I sound like a walking, talking billboard, but they are really, REALLY good beans.

The Best Gingersnaps

Made these in a 350 convection oven with molasses and some Red Fife wheat from Anson Mills I had kicking around. They finished in about 20 minutes and are very tasty. Kind of remind me of a cross between a graham cracker and a gingersnap. My house smells amazing!

5-Minute Grilled Chicken Cutlets With Rosemary, Garlic, and Lemon

Alton Brown would say your broiler is basically just an upside down grill, so I'd go for that first.

The Food Lab's Complete Guide to Sous Vide Steak

Hey, so...I bought this cow. And this cow has proven to be extremely tough. Even the ribeyes and NY strips are pretty chewy. Grilled a pair of ribeyes this Sunday to a perfect medium-rare, and they were so chewy we had to give my daughter a hamburger because her 2-year-old teeth couldn't work through the muscles.

I've been trying to mitigate this by going sous vide with my steaks and large roasts (like tri-tips), but even at 8 hours, my tri-tip was still incredibly chewy. So do I just need to double the times? Anyone have any suggestions?

I'm getting to the point that I'm seriously considering throwing about 100 lbs of cow meat into my grinder and calling it a day.

Do Wheat-Enriched Corn Tortillas Bring Us the Best of Both Worlds?

I agree with whoever mentioned the bitter taste in the La Tortilla ones. I ate them last night and could taste it in every bite. The Mi Rancho hybrid ones didn't seem to have that problem, and were similarly low on weird ingredients.

30-Minute Pressure Cooker Pho Ga (Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup)

I used avocado oil with no issues, Leah. If I didn't have that, I'd use either schmaltz or, as a last choice, coconut oil. I don't mind the smell/taste of coconut oil, and I think a lot of its aroma gets lost in a high heat application like this, but YMMV.

For the record, I needed to add more fish sauce (and ultimately just added some plain ol' salt). I used Flying Horse on Earth brand because it was what I had.

I made this for my bullpen at work, and we all loved it. Thanks, Kenji!

In Defense of St. Louis-Style Pizza

The biggest problem with STL-style pizza is that it is nearly impossible, if you live in STL, to find a good non-STL-style pizza if that's what you want that particular day. Yes, there are now exceptions to this rule -- Pi in the Loop, Dewey's, which is a chain -- but by and large, most mom n' pop places only serve STL-style, and it's NOT pizza.

I think that's where the hate comes from, Kenji, and I'm one of the haters. You were experiencing it as a drive-by; we had to live with the horror (and don't get me started on the salads many STL restaurants serve -- more cold, rope-like proved than veggies; that is NOT okay).

Though if someone had introduced me to Imo's Pizza Nachos, I might have hated it less. But at some point in my STL tenure I wanted a nice, soft-yet-chewy slice, and my options were Papa John's, Pizza Hut, or Domino's...the last of which I hate more than Imo's, if such a thing is possible.

Quick and Easy Pressure Cooker Chicken, Lentil, and Bacon Stew With Carrots

Made this tonight in my InstantPot with no changes other than shorting the quart of chicken stock by a half cup or so. So easy and good, even the (somewhat fussy) 21-month-old ate every bite and was scraping the bottom with her spoon. And her utensil skills are not normally all that accurate. Thanks, Kenji!

1-Hour Pressure Cooker Texas-Style Chile Con Carne

Looks great, and may try some weekend when I want to defrost part of my 1/2 cow. Thank you for all these pressure cooker recipes! I've done a lot with my InstantPot in the year I've had it, but you've inspired me to do more!

Spicy Thai Salad With Minced Pork (Larb) From 'Everyday Thai Cooking'

Loved it. I used a heartier lettuce (green leaf) and it stood up well to the warm pork. Also adjusted up the sweetness for our American tastes. Would gladly make this again.

Traditional French Cassoulet

So after step 6, no more cover for the pot?

Can you give measurements on the gelatin? I buy it in bulk at the hippymart and, alas, do not have packets. Muchas gracias!

Layered Toasted-Coconut Puddings With Red Fruit Purée and Coconut Cream

This looks interesting, but holy crow that's a lot of components.

10 Flavored Vodkas You Should Really Try

Imma let you finish, but Deep Eddy Ruby Red is the best grapefruit vodka ever.

Win a Copy of 'Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen'

Salsa criolla is wonderful on pretty much everything savory.

Spicy Stir-Fried Beef With Leeks and Onions

This was really excellent. I wish it had been a bit spicier, but I blame that more on the chilies I used than the recipe. My market only had "Japanese hot chilies" and I just don't think they're spicy enough.

Anyway, we liked it a lot. If I had to liken it to something you find all the time in the US, it'd be a grown up "Mongolian beef", but it's better than that, and we'll be making it again.

Golden and Crisp Blueberry Crumble Bars

That was going to be my question. :D Awesome! I've been looking for a blueberry bar recipe!

Knife Skills: How to Slice Scallions

Oh my god. THAT'S what that scallion brush was for.

I never realized it had a practical purpose. o_o

Vegan Mayonnaise

I tried this with the eggplant. Super runny. Waste of good oil. :| Very disappointed.