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Counter top Combi Oven?

Another vote for the Breville SmartOven. I actually just have the mini version (I have a convection oven in the wall), but I LOVE IT. It's amazing, I haven't had to turn on the big ovens since I got it!

Ask a Bartender: What's the First Bar You Ever Loved?

Mac's in Lansing is still going strong! Great comedy shows every Monday and great bands still coming in. Bar is fantastic!

"kid" food??

Lumps = raised areas one receives after a beating. Meaning, you've been hit. So "I've taken my lumps" means you've received your beating due (for whatever reason). Sort of like paying your dues, etc.

Tipping: My latest conundrum

If someone brings my food out, or busses my table, or it's a buffet type situation where people are actually doing things for you (getting beverages, etc.) then I'll throw in a couple of bucks (or a buck, if the order is tiny).

Brie and Nutella Grilled Cheese

Brie or Edam and chocolate sandwiches on baguette are a couple of my favorite guilty pleasures.

In Our Community Corner: Meet Devany Lister Aley (aka: MissMochi)

Ohhh MissMochi, I love this profile! I am going to Maui soon - anything I HAVE to try while on the island?

Grilled Cheese with Roasted Pineapple, Ham, and Swiss

I agree with Kimboinatl. I would totally eat this, but it's not grilled cheese. It's a grilled ham sandwich that has cheese on it.

Help with a big decision

Actually, law school sucks, so if you can take any joy in ANYTHING while in it, do it. If you like both schools equally, then go for a place that will make you feel the most comfortable/happy while you are immensely unhappy about being in law school :D

What is the Worst Food You Made This Week?

I nuked two off brand hot dogs out of desperation. I ate them on a plate with ketchup.

Reality Check: We Try Burger King's Four New Burgers

I'm sorry, but that top picture looks like a patty made with a corn poop.

Places to eat in DeKalb, Illinois

It was a HUGE deal with DeKalb got a Chipotle, which is sad. Also, there is this place called Pita Pete's which isn't bad either. I really liked their pitas when I was visiting my (now) husband. I forgot to mention there is a Portillo's out in Sycamore, which is good. It has decent college town food, just nothing super fancy.

Places to eat in DeKalb, Illinois

Tom and Jerry's is a solid take out joint. They have good dogs, gyros, italian beef, etc. Pagliai's pizza was also a favorite. It is a cracker crust/square cut pie type pie. Never ate in, always had it delivered. China House buffet was as fancy as we got out there, but itis a really good Chinese buffet, lol! I honestly can't say we went anywhere decent in DeKalb. There used to be a decent coffee shop downtown, but I can't remember the name. DeKalb is pretty much a college town out in the boons.

Cook the Book: 'Try This at Home' by Richard Blais

I enjoy variations of mac and cheese, especially with stilton!

Cereal Eats: Grape Nuts Flakes

I love Grape Nuts and Grape Nuts Flakes. The Flakes are really good with banana :D

Snapshots from Hong Kong: Egg Waffle Goodness from Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles

The last time I was in Toronto's Chinatown, I saw a stall furiously making these for a giant crowd of people. None of the signs were in English, and I had just eaten too many buns of various types so I didn't stop. Now I'm sad that I didn't try one! They smelled amazing!

Pricing Cookies

A friend bakes for the local farmer's market. I think she charges $1/cookie.

Video: How to Poach Eggs, the Foolproof Method (Really!)

I just simmer water in a skillet, plop the eggs in, skim off the whisps with my slotted spoon, and scoop them out once they are done to my liking. They look and taste great! I crack the eggs VERY close to the water and find that not creating a "vortex" prevents too many whispies. If the water is at a rolling boil it doesn't work.

What is your favorite shape of pasta or noodle?

@Lorenzo - my favorite shape is radiatore and it is great for mac and cheese. It really grabs the sauce and has all sorts of nooks and crannies :)

We Spend Valentine's Day at White Castle

I love White Castle. There was a mourning period when the one in my town closed. We now have to drive a half hour. So sad.

What to Do With A Sodastream

I love my Sodastream. I never have problems with it losing fizz. I like the diet cranberry soda and the diet lemon-lime. Usually, we just add to the glass not the bottle. Also, we normally just drink plain soda or mix it with a few oz. of tart cherry juice or pomegranate juice. A lime garnish is nice.