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For Better Tuna Salad Sandwiches, With Mayo or Without, Add More Fish

I really enjoy water packed tuna, mayo and a good heap of whole capers! Love the salty bite.

23 Nutty, Tasty, and Filling Recipes With Whole Grains

Agreed. Ate some for dinner. Whole grain it is not!

Counter top Combi Oven?

Another vote for the Breville SmartOven. I actually just have the mini version (I have a convection oven in the wall), but I LOVE IT. It's amazing, I haven't had to turn on the big ovens since I got it!

Ask a Bartender: What's the First Bar You Ever Loved?

Mac's in Lansing is still going strong! Great comedy shows every Monday and great bands still coming in. Bar is fantastic!

"kid" food??

Lumps = raised areas one receives after a beating. Meaning, you've been hit. So "I've taken my lumps" means you've received your beating due (for whatever reason). Sort of like paying your dues, etc.

Tipping: My latest conundrum

If someone brings my food out, or busses my table, or it's a buffet type situation where people are actually doing things for you (getting beverages, etc.) then I'll throw in a couple of bucks (or a buck, if the order is tiny).

Brie and Nutella Grilled Cheese

Brie or Edam and chocolate sandwiches on baguette are a couple of my favorite guilty pleasures.

In Our Community Corner: Meet Devany Lister Aley (aka: MissMochi)

Ohhh MissMochi, I love this profile! I am going to Maui soon - anything I HAVE to try while on the island?

Grilled Cheese with Roasted Pineapple, Ham, and Swiss

I agree with Kimboinatl. I would totally eat this, but it's not grilled cheese. It's a grilled ham sandwich that has cheese on it.

Help with a big decision

Actually, law school sucks, so if you can take any joy in ANYTHING while in it, do it. If you like both schools equally, then go for a place that will make you feel the most comfortable/happy while you are immensely unhappy about being in law school :D

What is the Worst Food You Made This Week?

I nuked two off brand hot dogs out of desperation. I ate them on a plate with ketchup.

Reality Check: We Try Burger King's Four New Burgers

I'm sorry, but that top picture looks like a patty made with a corn poop.

Places to eat in DeKalb, Illinois

It was a HUGE deal with DeKalb got a Chipotle, which is sad. Also, there is this place called Pita Pete's which isn't bad either. I really liked their pitas when I was visiting my (now) husband. I forgot to mention there is a Portillo's out in Sycamore, which is good. It has decent college town food, just nothing super fancy.

Places to eat in DeKalb, Illinois

Tom and Jerry's is a solid take out joint. They have good dogs, gyros, italian beef, etc. Pagliai's pizza was also a favorite. It is a cracker crust/square cut pie type pie. Never ate in, always had it delivered. China House buffet was as fancy as we got out there, but itis a really good Chinese buffet, lol! I honestly can't say we went anywhere decent in DeKalb. There used to be a decent coffee shop downtown, but I can't remember the name. DeKalb is pretty much a college town out in the boons.

Cook the Book: 'Try This at Home' by Richard Blais

I enjoy variations of mac and cheese, especially with stilton!

Cereal Eats: Grape Nuts Flakes

I love Grape Nuts and Grape Nuts Flakes. The Flakes are really good with banana :D

Snapshots from Hong Kong: Egg Waffle Goodness from Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles

The last time I was in Toronto's Chinatown, I saw a stall furiously making these for a giant crowd of people. None of the signs were in English, and I had just eaten too many buns of various types so I didn't stop. Now I'm sad that I didn't try one! They smelled amazing!

Pricing Cookies

A friend bakes for the local farmer's market. I think she charges $1/cookie.

Video: How to Poach Eggs, the Foolproof Method (Really!)

I just simmer water in a skillet, plop the eggs in, skim off the whisps with my slotted spoon, and scoop them out once they are done to my liking. They look and taste great! I crack the eggs VERY close to the water and find that not creating a "vortex" prevents too many whispies. If the water is at a rolling boil it doesn't work.

What is your favorite shape of pasta or noodle?

@Lorenzo - my favorite shape is radiatore and it is great for mac and cheese. It really grabs the sauce and has all sorts of nooks and crannies :)