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This Week in Pizza

Adam, thanks for putting that up! You do not miss a beat.

Difara is closed... Now what?

Hey, out of touch for a few years with New York, but maybe you could go up to Patsy's in Harlem.

Pizza Steel instead of Pizza Stone?

Hey, can only speak about my personal experience here. I leased out a sub shop/pizza joint with a big old Blodgett oven. I was so pumped about the opportunity, I never looked (or knew it was necessary) to see whether the oven had stones or not. It doesn't. My oven is about fifty years old and has steel decks. They pose a lot of challenges. For the first month of operation, I couldn't cook a pizza I was happy with without using a screen mid-bake. The entire rim of the pie would burn, while the middle would still require cooking. I got it down after a while, but would have had a much easier time with a stone deck. There are other challenges; the steel deck seems to turn your bench flour, semolina, or cornmeal into black ash. It needs to be brushed after cooking each pie. It also cools quickly. If I am doing more than four or five pies in a row, the cook time will go up dramatically. My experience with a stone is limited to home use, but I think my commercial experience with steel translates.

My Pie Monday: Squash Blossoms, Pork Roll, Montanara, and More!

epoxy method? soaker? square pies by craig? I've been away way too long. these freakin' pizzas look awesome. miss you guys. been real busy. hope to tell you guys about it soon!

Daily Slice: Iggy's Bakery, Cambridge

Awesome find! I can't believe I wasn't aware of this before.

Daily Slice: Tutto Italiano, Hyde Park, MA

Hey Ed, nice review. I call that a bakery slice. They're always cheap, usually sold cold, and available at all kinds of Italian bakeries in Mass. (maybe elsewhere too?), many whose only other offerings are sweet. I usually find the crust to be a little denser than a regular Sicilian, sometimes with a slight hint of sweetness.

My Pie Monday: Irish Colcannon, Stuffed Crust, Quail Eggs, and More!

@DM -- I'm starting to consider putting that stuff on a lot -- the more I use it, the more I like it. Tried the Hellboy at Paulie Gee's this weekend -- fantastic.

@DHorst -- That looks really good. Was it thick like a Sicilian?

@Norma -- I want to try that style of crust. Looks really interesting. I'll check out your blog.

@All -- Beautiful stuff.

Paulie Gee on AARP's 'Your Life Calling'

Nice! Congrats to Paulie. I'm planning on going to his restaurant for the first time tomorrow night. Can't wait.

'Slice of Brooklyn' on The Travel Channel

Should we worry about Scott Weiner's safety? Kidding, I'm sure they have a great relationship. Setting DVR now.

My Pie Monday: Bourbon Pesto, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Spanish Pizza, and Much More!

@DMC, Thanks! I find that the hot honey really mellows out during the bake. Have you used it pre-bake before? Your pizza looks great as usual.

@Norma, That's really cool. Did you cut it like that to keep it flat?

@all, Awesome pizzas!

I Can't Stop Looking at This Pizza-Juggling Animated GIF

@Adam: Thanks, I just spent an hour and a half looking at Crucial Pizza.

Daily Slice: Pizza Den in Bensonhurst

@ Michael: That Sicilian looks nice. I'm surprised you order "very hot." I always order, "not too hot" so that I can get right into it. I've been burned too many times my friend.

Daily Slice: Casa Razdora, Boston

@Meredith: Hate to be scooped on a Boston slice. What's the history on this place? Is it like many downtown Boston places, open only during lunch hours on weekdays? Looks good.

Video: Behind the Scenes at Prime Burger

I don't know how I never came across this place.

Poll: Pizza vs Wings Super Bowl SnackDown

Skipped pizza to do lobster rolls, oysters, and shrimp cocktail -- everyone was surprised. Next time, I'm going back to the cheesy, crusty, saucy stuff.

Cambridge, MA: Area Four Pizza

@Adam -- Clam and bacon pie is done at my house whenever possible. Salty heaven.

@Andrew -- Nice review, looks like it's worth checking out. Wish they opened before I left Cambridge.


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