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  • Favorite foods: Pho, Roast Pork, Bacon, "State Fair-style" fried everything, noodles, pizza.
  • Last bite on earth: Porterhouse Kobe beef medium-rare.

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Surf N' Turf Burger (Grilled Burger With Lobster and Bacon)

The article associated with this recipe appears to be wrongly posted- it appears to be the writeup for a "Hot-Brown Burger".

Brie and Nutella Grilled Cheese

Instead of the French Bread you should put this between two slices of French Toast.

The Joy and Economics of Cooking Pizza At Home

"Fact is, unless you are lucky enough to live in delivery range of one of the good ones, are willing to travel great distances for good pizza, or make it yourself, America remains a pizza dessert."

Pizza dessert?

Just sayin'...:-)

Check Out the Winners of Our 2013 Pi Day Baking Contest!

@missmochi and mgnnn: I assumed that "infamous" was intended. In a true black forest cake each of the layers is either moistened with or soaked in a kirsch (cherry liqueur) syrup. Sometimes the cherries used in the recipe and as a garnish are soaked overnight in kirsch.

Depending on who made the cake this can be either a rich chocolate-cherry dessert or it can be a rich chocolate-cherry dessert that will mess you up. And it's not always easy to tell which you are eating (drinking ?). A cake that will live in infamy.

Popular updated hourly banner doesn't have standard links

Same as above. CTRL-Click moves me directly to the link (leaving the page that I am on) without giving the option to "open link in new tab" or "open link in new window", etc. Limks in the articles and in the banners down th right and left sides work correctly.

I am using Firefox 18.0.1 and Windows 7.


Poll: Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Way or No Way?

@ zippydog: Where are you getting your Buffalo Chicken? Seems to me that I've encountered an awful lot of sausage that is "flavorless" compared to Buffalo Chicken...

This Is What Hippie Pizza Looks Like

OK you've seen the pictures. Now do a Google search for "PRI Pizza Research Institute". The top result (their home page) tells you: "Pizza Research Institute voted best pizza in Eugene 7 years running".

Wrap your brain around that fact.

Someone was SECOND BEST... :-)

How to Make Crisp Fried Fish Sandwiches With Creamy Slaw and Tartar Sauce

The recipe specifies "light beer". Is this referring to the color or the alcohol/calorie content (in other words- is Budweiser OK, or does it need to be Bud Light)?

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Late-Night Bites in NYC

I agree with Kenji- for years the place on the way home was 7-11.

Two hot dogs (don't even pretend that they are good- get the cheapest they've got) covered with the "Push for Cheese" and "Push for Chili".

Might regret it in the morning, but at 2:00 AM they wolf down just fine.

What's The Best Airplane Meal You've Ever Had?

A seafood feast on Singapore Air from Hong Kong to Manilla. Angel-hair rice pasta (pancit)with about a million of the tiniest shrimp I have ever seen. Chopsticks and the best soy sauce ever...

Q re: East Tennessee

"West Carolina Style BBQ" is recognized thing. Look up BBQ restaurants in any of those towns and you should do OK. Keep in mind that the BBQ there is not the same as KC or Texas BBQ (and not the same as East Carolina style BBQ)

Check out Regional BBQ Styles. The remarks in the comments section also include some debate on which place offers the BEST...

London: 10 Must-Eat British Foods During the Olympics

@ adrian I'm not having that problem. Everything looks normal.

The Hot Dog Hall of Fame: 20 Hot Dogs We Love in America

@ Hawk Please don't be so defensive. The reason you are getting all this flak is because the title of the article is "The Hot Dog Hall of Fame: 20 Hot Dogs We Love in America". The title reads like this is a "Serious Eats' favorites" list; not a "Hawk Krall's favorites" list.

A better title could have been "My Hot Dog Hall of Fame: 20 Hot Dogs I Love in America".



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