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Hearty Escarole, Barley, and Parmesan Soup

"until liquid has evaporated" ... what liquid? Excited to make this tonight.

A Chocolate Shop in Forest Hills, 80+ Years and Counting

This place is a treasure! Everything I tried was great, but the dark-chocolate-dipped orange peels were particularly memorable. Glad they're getting a shout-out :)

Open Thread: What's Your Fantasy Food Band Called?

Worst Cake Scenario - charming, damaged pop. Sadly I've been sitting on that one for years!

Soulful Jamaican, Even Without the Meat, at The Islands

I went on your recommendation - yay it's in my neighborhood!-and tried the mac and cheese. Really great. It's not my hands-down favorite on the planet, but a great mac'n'cheese is a rare and special thing indeed and this is one of the them. Certainly the best of the Caribbean "macaroni pie"-style of mac. But heads up- it's $6 now instead of 5. Had an excellent lemonade too! Thanks so much for steering me there.

Where Can You Get a Good Burrito in New York?

Taco Chulo in Williamsburg is THE BEST. A proper, gigantic Mission-style burrito that's bursting with fresh flavors and not just filler. Sturdy enough that it passes the test: you can stand it up on its foil-wrapped end and it can stand up on your plate. Can't recommend this place enough. The owner is from Austin and she knows what's up! Great breakfast burritos as well.

Gluten-Free Garlic Onion Muffins

Totally great, with crisp outsides and a soft, biscuity interior. I know they don't sound as sexy as some of Elizabeth's other recipes but trust me they are a winner. Using the leftovers to make egg sandwiches tomorrow. Thinking of trying them with cheddar instead of parm next time. Mmm, maybe some dill too. Thanks for another awesome recipe.

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Brownies

Elizabeth, I'm hoping to whip these up last minute this afternoon, but I'm out of corn starch! Can I sub tapioca flour and/or arrowroot? I have some of that in my pantry...

Fried Chicken, Honey Butter, and Biscuit Sandwiches

Maria, thank you thank you THANK YOU for posting this biscuit recipe! I too have been on the eternal quest for the perfect biscuit recipe for some time, and had given up a couple years ago in pouty defeat. But I had a good feeling about your post and this morning decided to get back on the horse. It made the most gorgeous, tall, golden, fluffy & flaky biscuits ever- completely satisfying in every way. Immensely gratifying for the baker as well- I've never been so proud! I did add the extra step of brushing melted butter on the tops during the last 5 minutes of baking, which made them extra golden and pretty. Sorry for gushing an entire paragraph's length about biscuits but I know you must understand :)


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