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Waitering, Part Two can't just melt into a puddle because someone wanted an extra piece of bacon. As a waiter you get paid nothing on salary...maybe two bucks or so an're working for your tips, and you earn tips by pleasing your customers. An extra piece of bacon? That's nothing. If you're new, you may not know how to make special requests like that, but you ask, you learn...because I'm sure that 'evil' professor wasn't the first man ever to ask for an extra piece of bacon.

Waitering, Part One

Part of what I love about being a waitress is the banter back and forth with the kitchen. I work in a small, privately owned restaurant so no computer system exists, and from reading your post, I'm glad my orders don't just escape into cyber-space. We 'fire' tables by word of mouth- pacing is definitely one of the hardest parts of being a server. Kudos to you, a regular restaurant eater, for walking in a waiter's shoes for a bit.

I know everyone dreams of owning a restaurant of their own..

a tiny bakery in which I could somehow make enough money to not have to constantly slave away at the ovens at 4 am. A girl can dream...

What are your likes/dislikes about restaurant servers?

Mr. K- it's Mediterraneo in...New Jersey. We do have grilled octopus as well as lamb. And thanks for the advice everyone. Dining is certainly a subjective experience, so there are bound to be different opinions.

Latex gloves in the professional kitchen?

It's only the culinary school graduates in the kitchen of the restaurant where I work who wear latex gloves while cooking. I've always found it odd- haven't people been handling food with their bare hands for centuries? Putting an extra barrier between you and the food you are preparing for people to ingest always seems a little iffy. Yet, I am aware of the dangers of food poisoning and outbreaks...

Question of the Day: What's the worst meal someone's ever cooked for you?

Pulverized mashed-potato-paste. My brother and I built string-bean forts with it as glue.

Question of the Day: Not for the squeamish--ever get food sickness?

As a native New Yorker, I thought I would be adventurous, and try the pizza at a local restuarant in Colorado while I was on vacation there. Needless to say, it was like eating Texas Toast with Campbell's condensed tomato-soup on top and could hardly compare to the New York's pizza, if the comparison can even fairly be made. I literally could not stomach it- I spent the whole rest of the night in the bathroom. Some kind of New Yorker karma?

Question of the Day: Sweet or savory?

Cake or steak? Unfortunately, cake. It runs in my family.

Yerba Matte: Great beverage or the greatest beverage ever?

I brew it at home using the Guayaki brand (discover the power within!) and absolutely love it. If you're not a big green tea fan, or tea fan in general, you may not like Mate, as it has a strong, deep earthy flavor, similar but not exactly like green tea. I have no idea how authentic what I'm drinking really is (no, I'm not sipping it from a gourd on a horse in Argentina) but I enjoy it, and drink a cup every day.

The Power of Food Blogging

I think this really has less to do with the power of food blogging (because, if, let's say Frank Bruni had a bad experience, wouldn't they want him to reappraise it as well?) and more to do with Le Cirque being in the wrong by having such a severe VIP policy, and realizing it themselves. Does the average Le Cirque diner not have as discerning a palate or as much of a desire for a well-hosted meal than a food-blogger?

Question of the Day: Apple Deathmatch! Gala, McIntosh, Granny Smith. What's Your Favorite?

Fuji, Gala (pronounced Gahla or Gayla?) or a nice, slightly soft Jonah Gold.

What's the one food you just won't eat?

cotton candy...because there's nothing really edible about it.

'A Passage to (Southern) India'

dkstar1..I agree. Although sometimes delightful, and always lovely to look at, I'm getting tired of these superficial "comic book" posts.


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