Cardamom Coffee at Hampton Chutney Co. in Soho

Anyone know if they steep the spices in milk, or add them to the ground coffee? Too far away to enjoy it very often, and I dream about it!

Sugar Rush: Strawberry and Mango Lassis at Hampton Chutney Co.

And they achieve the perfect coffee/sugar/milk ratio. Oh, that sweet cup. ;)

Sugar Rush: Strawberry and Mango Lassis at Hampton Chutney Co.

Hey Sugar Rush, the lassi sounds delicious! But then, anything from Hampton Chutney sounds that way. Do you know how they make their coffee (hot or iced); asked them once they told me it's really easy but my efforts aren't coming out as good. There's cardamom and maybe cinnamon and...? Right now I'm about 1,260 miles away in FL and would love a fix!

Cook the Book: 'The Country Cooking of Italy'

A 70% chocolate Nutella would be awesome.

Super Bowl Giveaway: California Avocado Gift Box for Guacamole-Making

My avocado-egg plate: cubed avocado, hard-cooked eggs sliced crosswise, chunks of juicy orange. Salt, pepper, lemon or lime juice, olive oil.

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

celeriac puree looks divine. happy thanksgiving all!

Cardamom coffee withdrawal from Hampton Chutney

Going through serious withdrawal here. I need some cardamom coffee from Hampton Chutney but I'm in FL right now and nowhere close to NYC in the near future. Does anyone know how to make coffee similar to theirs? I tried adding ground cardamom to my coffee before brewing, but it didn't cut it. An employee told me their method is incredibly simple, so it must be close to what I did; what I didn't ask is whether there are any additional spices in it, in addition to their perfect blend of milk and sugar. Their menu does say "exotic spices" in the coffee description. If anyone can give me any clues, would be grateful!

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