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Sharing in Your Kitchen

My roommate in college couldn't even be bothered to put a dish in the sink. She just put the dirty dish and fork under the sofa cushion. After breaking a couple dishes when I sat down on the sofa, I would always check under the cushion before sitting down.

How to crack an egg

The next time I need 2 or more eggs I'm going to try the method of cracking the eggs against each other!

How to crack an egg

@lemons - My knife cracking coworker said everyone she knew in her town (in the former Soviet Union) did it that way.

"Bake These OFF?"

If Giada's pronunciation is correct and she is truly speaking like "an educated Italian of the upper class in the middle of Italy" then why in her earlier episodes of Everyday Italian does she say spaghetti, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and pancetta in "the bastardized Italian we usually hear in the US"?

Is it a processed food?

@Lorenzo - I was thinking the same thing about molecular gastronomy. Can you say transglutaminase? Meat glue doesn't sound any better but it's more fun to say!

Is it a processed food?

Yes, it does seem that processed has a perjorative meaning these days. When it means chemical and HFCS laden food stuffs, then it seems rightly so. But if we used the most literal definition, then herbs, honey, chopped, roasted, etc - basically everything - would be processed.


@mollykate - I'm not sure why you are suspicious about my post. It's an honest question and I was curious to see what others had to say.

@buffy - I didn't know that SDAs don't eat pork. I learn something new everyday. :)

@morgancain - LOL. I think you could be right. These friends of mine are the same ones who don't think twice about consuming empty calories in the form of alcoholic cocktails.


I'm pretty sure these women I speak of are not dissing pork for religious reasons. As far as I know, Christians are allowed to have pork. But even if it were for religious reasons or flavor aversions, I don't understand why it's an automatic reflex for these girls to announce that it's not pork. But, like some of you have mentioned, maybe it's just the girly girls that I know. Perhaps I need to find some more pork loving lady friends.


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