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Help me figure out what I did wrong? French Silk Pie FAIL.

My guess would be that your sabayon cooled too much before adding in the chocolate. Instead of pulling the sabayon off the heat to whip in the air I would:
1. Beat the yolks and the sugar until pale and fluffy.
2. Slowly add the water while whisking.
3. Heat over double boiler while whisking vigorously until it reaches 160
4. Stream in the melted chocolate, whisking slowly.


Please tell me you don't plan on using for both your foot and your food.

Meyer Lemons - Worth The Cost?

I grew up thinking meyer lemons were regular lemons because we had a meyer lemon tree. Now regular lemons just seem disappointing. You should give them a try.

Choosing my Sous Vide hardware

Get the Polyscience. I haven't used a SVS but from what I understand it doesn't have any sort of circulation. By circulating the water you get quicker heating and more even cooking. You can also attach the Polyscience to many different containers depending on what you are cooking.

Need help: office party food ideas

I second the roasted/candied nuts. Easily portable and served at room temp. You could vary the seasonings to get some sweet, some savory, and some spicy. Just don't eat them all before the party.

5 pounds of Mangalitsa Pork fat - What to do?

Lardo if you're into curing things. Otherwise I would render it down and use it as lotion.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

Spit roasted whole hog in Bali! Nothing has come close to topping that.

Least favorite Thanksgiving dish?

I'll second the pumpkin pie and add rolls. I just don't get needing rolls when there is already so much starch on the table. I don't like pie because I just don't like sweet things in general. The one thing rolls are good for are leftover mini-sandwiches.

Help! Brown butter tarts...

I would err on the side of making too much, you can always save the extra dough/filling for smaller free form tarts later. I think the dough would be fine without the egg yolk. Definitely blind bake the shell with some weights on it 'till its nice and golden blonde. Hope that helps.

The Food Lab Answers Thanksgiving Questions: On Turkey, Non-Turkey Mains, Gravy

I know I'm a bit late for asking a question but hopefully someone can help. Just found out I'd be cooking a 31 pound heritage bird this year. I think my best bet is to cook it in parts as it barely fits the oven. Any guesses on how long it'll take at 300. I'll obviously be going by internal temp but for planing other dishes and such how long do you think it will take? My guess is 3 hours.

Real Texas Chile Con Carne

Almost the same as my method of making chili except for a few steps.
1. Toasting the chiles before re-hydrating them.
2. Passing the chile puree through a fine mesh strainer.
3. Searing the chile puree in a smoking hot pan.


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