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Win a Copy of 'Downtown Italian'

Just one?!?!?! That is impossible. But I do love a good Bolognese.

Win a Copy of 'Marcus Off Duty'

homemade pizza seems to be the most consistent winner, and lasagna or fresh pasta if I have a bit more time to prepare.

Win a Copy of 'Baked Occasions'

It changes almost every time, but probably the most common one has been an apple pie with the top crust made of pie-dough leaves that have been colored to look like autumn changing leaves.

Win a Copy of 'Heritage'

Grits from Husk. I cannot even begin to express my love for them.

Win a Copy of 'Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food'

My family does a German Mac & Cheese that makes my heart happy.

Win a Copy of 'Tacolicious'

tuna with avocado, if I have to pick just one.

Win a Copy of 'Fried & True'

I've used the Ad Hoc recipe with reasonable success.

Win a Copy of 'Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food'

What I enjoy making/eating is an endive gratin. But there was a little bistro in a little alley in Paris that made an out-of-this-world plum tart that I still crave.

Cook the Book: 'Simple Thai Food' by Leela Punyaratabandhu

It's like you think I can choose just one... Masuman curry, mango and sticky rice, papaya salad, laab, tom yum (especially for colds)... the list goes on and on...

Staff Picks: Design Your Dream Ben & Jerry's Flavor

cinnamon and vanilla bean ice cream with peanut butter, chocolate, and caramel swirls.

Or anything from Mount Desert Ice Cream in Bar Harbor.

Cook the Book: 'My Paris Kitchen' by David Lebovitz

Belgian endive with ham and b├ęchamel. Steak Frites. Baguettes and cheese. Baguettes and butter with jam!

Open Thread: What Do You Want to Know this Thanksgiving?

Another vote for rolls! And some good/interesting turkey sandwich ideas (turkey sliders with those rolls?) for leftovers.

Giveaway: Win a Copy of 'Winter Cocktails'

My family has a Christmas Punch that I would drink by the gallon if the rest of my family didn't fight me for it. Last year, we also made an apocalypse themed drink that we named the "White Mayan"- a White Russian with a splash of cinnamon syrup and chocolate liqueur. I would like another one of these right now. Or maybe at the end of the day.


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