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Starbucks for the non-coffee-drinker

Definitely a sweetened passion tea lemonade! It's the perfect spring/summer drink: delicious and refreshing!!

Which beers should we check out while in Germany?

I went to Munich last March and had the greatest time. The beer is spectacular! I would definitely suggest Augustiner- Keller in Munich. There is also Kloster Andechs which is a little ways outside Munich but it is drivable if you have a car or you can take the train. It is a really beautiful monastery where the monks brew the beer. The grounds are beautiful with views of the Alps in the background and the Andechs Cathedral is absolutely breathtaking. The beer is of course amazing and the food is great too- I would suggest the schweinshaxe which is a pork knuckle with crispy skin! Oh man, now I want to go back!! Have a fantastic time and enjoy the beer!!

One Day in New York

If you like burgers, Shake Shack is a must; there can be long lines though so be prepared. There are a few locations in the city and you can find the one closest to where you will be on the website. If hotdogs are more your thing, try Gray's Papaya (again, there are a few locations in the city).

For breakfast- any bagel place. NY bagels are simply unmatched!!


Book Giveaway: Win A Signed Copy of 'Brewed Awakening'

We've got Guinness and Blue Moon for black & blues. We just finished Long Trail Coffee Stout last night. Victory Dark Intrigue (stood in line quite some time to get that one when it released). We also have some home-brewed irish stout's from my brother.

Lipton Tea Bags tasting sweet to anyone?

@boobird, I am not aware of any changes in medications. He has always been sensitive to sweetness and he is convinced that Lipton has changed something in their teas. I told him to try other brands to see if they taste sweet as well...maybe that will help?

@healthytouch, I don't drink tea which is why I can't really offer any opinions on the subject for him! And no changes in dish detergent!

Thank you all who have responded so far, I will relay your thoughts and hopefully we can get to the bottom of this!!

Reminder: Serious Eats Meet-Up Day, This Saturday 2/25

Sidenote...just went to Brauhaus Schmitz in Philly recently and it was amazing! Best german food I have had outside of Germany...great spaetzle, great potato pancakes, fantastic beer!! Everyone who goes is in for a really good meal.

Surplus of ghost chilli peppers

We ordered the plant from India and we grew it in our backyard and we had an insane amount of peppers! We filled bags and bags of the gallon sized ziplocs and froze them whole. Then, we found out a family friend dried pepper and we gave them to him and he dried them for us. We have containers of flakes, dried wholes peppers, and crushed pepper. We use it in chili, fajitas, buffalo sauce, pretty much anything we want spicy!

KFC or Popeyes?

Popeyes! No contest! Not only is their chicken better, their fries and biscuits are also so much better than KFC. But I also have to agree with Bojangles because I lived in Florida for ten years and whenever we would drive up north (and now when we drive down south) we always have to stop at a Bojangles.

Going to Germany! What to eat there and to bring back?

I was just in Munich in March and I have to second the Schweinehaxe and the butterbrezel! Both are delicious! Also, well known in Germany is the kartoffelsalat and the schnitzel so I would look for those too, they should not be too hard to find. I probably don't have to mention that a visit to a biergarten is also something that should definitely be done, especially since the weather is nice!

As far a souvenirs go, a beer stein is a must and if you are a chocolate person, Kinder is a German specialty.

Have fun!

Your Preferred Potatoes

I love potatoes, all kinds. Fried, steamed, boiled, baked, french fried, etc. I really like making extra baked potatoes and then cutting the leftovers up the next day and frying them in butter...crispy and delicious!

Roadtrip eats: New Jersey to Oklahoma!

I agree Cracker Barrell is way overrated and it takes forever! When I was little and we used to drive from Florida to Jersey my dad would refuse to stop at Cracker Barrell! There are probably a ton of those great little places off the beaten path...just explore a little (if you have time)!!

Have You Switched to Iced Coffee?

I hate the heat so whenever it gets above 45-50 degrees I go iced!

Easter cookies?

My aunt makes the cream wafers and freezes them and then just sets them out the morning when she wants to serve them. They taste just as good and they keep for a lot longer!

Easter cookies?

@annet Those cream wafers from Betty Crocker are amazing. My aunt makes them every year for Christmas and I have recently begun making them myself because the ones I steal from her in a Ziploc bag just are not enough!! I've never been a fan of rolling out cookies but I gladly spend the time rolling them out because they are so good. But, I end up having to double or even triple the icing. I highly recommend them and you can color the icing with pastel Easter colors to make them festive!!

Help me decide on dinner...

grilled pork chops and ratatouille with mushrooms!

Mom's Birthday Cake

@kcijones001, I made the dump cake to try it out and I wanted to give you an update! I found a mixed berry pie filling with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries and I was really excited to try it. It was so easy to make, the house smelled amazing, and I could barely wait until it was cool to try it! It was delicious but my mom and I kind of thought that it might have been better with just one type of fruit filling. Next time I am going to try just strawberry!

Weekend Giveaway: 'My Father's Daughter'

Julia Roberts! I have always loved her movies and her personality. A cookbook from her would be really fun.

Son's first Mr. Softee soft serve flavor?

Swirl..hands down, best of both worlds! Hope he enjoys it!!

Mom's Birthday Cake

@kcijones001 that sounds great! Do you just layer it in a cake pan and how long do you bake it?

Dinner Party with a Vegetarian

We used to make lasagna but instead of lasagna noodles we used thin slices of zucchini. It was really delicious and a lot healthier. You could easily do that and just layer it with sauce and cheese. You could even make a few chicken cutlets earlier in the day and heat them in the oven with the lasagna for the meat eaters! Good luck!

Easter Bread?

My dad's family is Polish so we often have Babka at Easter, but that may be considered more of a cake than a bread. We also always tend to do an Easter brunch so I often think of Challah bread for Easter, probably because of the french toast :) .

Baking for the Office

My mom used to work at a car dealership as a receptionist/administrative assistant and we love to bake and try new recipes so we would always make stuff to bring in and they went nuts for it. They really appreciated it and always looked forward to when we made stuff. We made brownies, chocolate chip cookies, muffins, cinnamon chip scones, cupcakes, and various different kinds of cookies like snickerdoodles, orange spice cookies, and lace cookies. I would say just make what you like or you make well, or a new recipe you want to try! Just be aware if you bring it in too often they may keep asking for stuff so I would spread it out a bit!!
At my job around the holidays I bring things in and people always seem to appreciate it. The ratio of men to women at my work is more in favor of the men and they never look at it like the girl who bakes, they are just appreciative. If you like to bake and you want to bring something in it will probably carry some weight that you cared enough to bring in treats for everyone! I say go for it!

"Must See/Do" at Chelsea Market?

I visited my friend in NYC in November and we made a stop at Chelsea Market! It is a really cool place. It is not that big so you could probably wander around the whole place and kill 2 hours easily. One place that I thought was really interesting was called The Filling Station it is a little place that makes various kinds of olive oils, vinegars, and salts in different flavors. You can go through and taste most of them (some kind of obscure). Jacques Torres also has a chocolate place in there which would be fun to go through. There are also tons of bakeries with sweets and breads galore--I wanted to try it all so you should probably go on an empty stomach! If you have the urge to shop there is a really good kitchen shop, some specialty stores, and an Anthropologie (if you are into that). Have fun!


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