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The Food Lab: Sous Vide Leg of Lamb With Mint, Cumin, and Mustard

"a bit too unwieldy to pick up and gnaw on, no matter how uncouth your table manners."

Challenge accepted!

The Food Lab: Sorry, Pulled Pork, It's Cochinita Pibil's Moment

Little late to the party, but exactly HOW similar is the original "dig a pit and light it on fire" method to a clam bake? Because if we can have BOTH AT ONCE I need to buy a new shovel.

The Food Lab's Complete Guide to Sous Vide Salmon

Any secrets to avoiding the albumen problem? I keep frozen fish from Trader Joe's around as a healthy, easy weeknight option. Sous vide works great for everything but the salmon. Still tasty, but it comes out looking like the aquatic remake of The Exorcist.

Should I resign myself to flaking up the salmon, or is there a way to get to those seared beauties pictured above?

9 Ways You Might Be Ruining Your Knives

Am I alone in thinking that anyone who switches to a bench scraper to pick up some chopped herbs needs to buy a cheaper knife?

The Best Way to Poach Salmon

@Elyss - I cook a lot of cod and salmon sous vide, but only because I get them at Trader Joe's frozen. 50 minutes freezer to plate is a pretty good time considering my effort level is occasionally changing the channel...

But without the convenience of a pre-packaged frozen start, I probably wouldn't do the salmon sous vide. It doesn't really add much aside from time and steps. Salmon's pretty robust, and it cooks quickly and easily poached, baked, or grilled, all of which come out with better texture than sous vide, in my experience.

22 Speedy Seafood Recipes for Hectic Weeknights

@TimmyT - In the food lab version, Kenji posted a place that ships black cod fillets from Alaska. It seems very pricey to this Boston-dweller, but I have no idea how much seafood costs in landlocked states. You can also sub in salmon, which is delicious!

The Case for Filthy, Sopping-Wet Martinis

Sigh. Do you people still find these "my martini is dryer than yours" comments entertaining? It must be so very, very dull to have to make them over and over again. But clearly the only alternative would be to let someone else (even womenfolk!) enjoy a drink without your input. That would be intolerable.

Nacho Showdown: The Sporkful's Dan Pashman vs. The Food Lab

The thing I don't get about piled nachos is when people take the best part of the pile, the middle of the heap, where all toppings have come together in perfect harmony, and they dump a metric ton of sour cream, guacamole, and salsa on it. Oh... um... Thanks?

But if you're putting your toppings under the cheese on those individual chips, you're doing it wrong. Light cheese as a moisture barrier, hot toppings, cheese layer to help keep the toppings in place, and then drizzles of cold toppings just before serving. You can even start to overlap your chips a bit, achieving a happy middle between gargantuan piles and anemic single layer plates.

The Food Lab: The Best Goulash (Hungarian Beef and Paprika Stew)

A recipe from Eastern Europe that includes potatoes and paprika, and you're upset that someone added Asian ingredients to boost certain flavors? Haha, ok.

The Delicious Secret Behind Your Favorite Whiskey: The Best Spirits from MGP

@hodge Buffalo Trace is a distillery that makes a number of products. I'm not sure what you think they're guilty of? That's kind of like saying Ford's trying to put one over on us by selling F-150s AND Fusions.

The Delicious Secret Behind Your Favorite Whiskey: The Best Spirits from MGP

If it's good, reasonably priced relative to the quality, and isn't made in some weird process where they kill a bunch of baby seals while burning a rainforest, why exactly do people care about all of this "craft" or "small batch" nonsense? Isn't that putting the cart before the horse?

Tour Guide and Author Lesley Tellez on What Everyone Gets Wrong About Mexican Food

I think the people you people know are not the people people mean when they tell people what most people know, but I don't know, you know?

American Booze Hall Of Fame: The Best Spirits of the Northeast

@AndroidUser. If you're so incensed by these fraudulent practices, you clearly think they are serious. Don't you think you should take all of 5 minutes poking around on their site before you claim that they're a bunch of hucksters?

American Booze Hall Of Fame: The Best Spirits of the Northeast

2 seconds on their site: "At Mad River Distillers, we take this one step further. Our rye whiskey is carefully distilled from only local and regional organic rye and rye malt using our German still to bring out delicate nuances that you are probably unfamiliar with when drinking rye. Pepper, yes, but also an earthiness, hints of walnut, berry and tropical spice."

That is pretty unequivocal.

How to Make Your Ice Cream as Dense, Rich, and Chewy as a New England Scoop Shop's

You were so close to an honorary New England card. Then... "in nearby Northampton, MA". Say what?

American Booze Hall of Fame: The Best Spirits of the West

@arbeck - It took me less than a minute on Woodinville's site to find their Distiller's Journal, where the top post is from January 2015. It's about being ready to bottle the whiskey they've been aging since 2010. Which is more than 4 years ago.

Equipment: Why it's Worth Buying an Olive Oil Pourer

Can I keep using my cheapo capped squirt bottle if it's refilled frequently from a massive tin and kept in a dark, cool cabinet with a loving family of oils, salts and spices?

Also, does any of this apply to neutral oils, or is it strictly an olive oil thing?

How to Make the Ultimate Poutine

Isn't the traditional form basically fries topped with fresh curds and a chicken or chicken/veal-mix veloute? Seems harder to balance with an all-beef gravy.

The Art of the Perfect Grilled Cheese (Plus 20 Variations to Shake Things Up)

I am a strong supporter of team grated cheese. Slices are for suckas!

I butter and fry the "inside" of both slices, construct my sandwich using grated cheese, then fry one "outside", flip, and repeat.

Grated cheese melts faster, so you can jack up the heat. This gets the sandwich in your face faster. Plus you can mix up your cheeses more evenly, so the sandwich is melty, gooey, stringy, and/or funky throughout. Lastly, I find it easier to get the right amount of cheese to "accidentally" fall over the bread to make super crispy edges.

Why You Should Refrigerate Tomatoes and Ignore Anyone Who Says Otherwise

Some guidelines on when it is ok to be offended by a flip or sarcastic internet headline:

1) Is it making light of a really serious situation or event?

No? You're the problem here, Mr. Humorless scold.
Yes? Hmm, let's be sure;

2) Really, it's serious? Are they making fun of someone's suffering or death?

Yes! OK, screw them, you can be offended.
No? I'm pretty sure the problem is YOU, but let's be on the safe side;

3) Is the headline bigoted, despite being about some insignificant subject?

Yes! WTF, right? Why would they even do that. Go ahead, be offended
No? You're a terrible person and I hate you. Get off the internet.

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

Let's be honest. The first thing I would do is try to get the coldest thing I can find so I could stick the thermopen in and know just how cold it actually is.

The second thing I would do is fry something in really hot oil. But I'm an adult now, so I'm not dumb enough to do it right after the cold reading. Lesson learned!

Either way, I think the colors all sound nice, so um, red?

What the Frappe? THIS is a Real Milkshake

Also, what is this chocolate nonsense? Did you run out of Autocrat coffee syrup?

What the Frappe? THIS is a Real Milkshake

Unless you're from shared frozen custard and "bubbler" territory, you can shut right the heck up about New England and frozen dessert concoctions. I laugh at your non-chewy ice cream and weak "milkshakes"!

Manner Matters: Should You Tattle on Kids Sneaking Food?

Shame on you.

This is so far beyond "none of your business". The letter writer should bring this scenario up with one person-- a therapist, who I hope they are already seeing to work through their issues with food.

Win a Serious Eats Edition KettlePizza Baking Steel Combo for Father's Day!

Dad is a cheese-only purist. Unless you count the giant meatball and garlic bread from our local mom and poop pasta/pizza joint. I'm not sure he separates them on the plate, and I've definitely seen a meatball eaten via pizza-shovel on more than one occasion.


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