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The Best Cheesecakes in New York (and Therefore the U.S.?)

May I add a new and definitely "boutique" entry - you are not likely to have tasted it as it is only in restricted distribution. And maybe likely to stay that way, which would be just as well for all concerned.
- Georgia's by Clover Bee Foods
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What makes it different is that it is made with the best possible ingredients, and you don't feel stuffed afterwards, tho it is just as satisfying; and given its ingredients, it is actually healthy for you too.

The Food Lab: Perfect Boiled Eggs

I have a variation of the method above .. using a rice cooker/ steamer - set the minutes to steam, same idea but even safer and simpler since the electronics do the timing - after the stated steaming period, it goes into "keep warm" mode, which cooks very very slowly.
You can even get really soft whites, the equivalent of "omelette baveuse" for soft boiled eggs, as illustrated there

Dragging along: How do you guys recharge your batteries?

When tired the last thing you want to do is add work to his system.
So the trick is to find something good to eat that is satisfying and easy to digest. Simple rules, do not mix carbohydrates and proteins, or acid stuff (oj for instance with carbos). Best would be just fresh fruit or vegetable juices and something for bulk. Cooked basic oatmeal with dried fruits for sweetening does it for me. Of course serve these (fresh stuff and cooked carbos) well apart, say an hour.
If you are the I don't care for health type, go for a big steak splashed with some good beer and french fries .. and let it be, do experiment ..

How to make unstinky fish?

1- Fresh fish definitely! Either the Korean fishmongers or better quality stores like Fairways and Wholefoods will guarantee this. Avoid oily fish, like sardines and bluefish, they have to be really superfresh in order not to 'smell'. Fresh fish doesnt have any fishy odor..
2- forget about frying, that *will* stink up any place for sure
3- My technique is to pan sear over dry herbs, then finish cooking at low temperature. That produces a minimal amount of fumes, and if you partly cover the non stick pan with a cool glass cover, this will catch / condense most of it.
4- Or cook in a little water for a near-poaching effect. Using a little water with some celery seeds or fresh celery and salt - instead of a whole quart or more of water works great, you can then either reduce the juices or thicken it with starch, or just save for soup stock (frozen).

Where did all the white grapefruits go?

OP: good question - my guess is that too many people do not appreciate how good a sweet *and* tart grapefruit can be .. so the markets just stopped stocking these. Yes I miss these too. The pink ones can be counted on to never be tart - a bit boring, yes.
Reminds me of the times when the only apples one could find were either golden or red delicious. Hopefully the yellow grapefruits will come back.

Great buy on some of best navel oranges ever

Safeway .. hmm used to shop there when living out in NJ. Don't know if these would be the same quality oranges, but if so, great. Might be a great buy too. What can I say, often oranges are just so ... below average I don't really want to eat them. And to be totally honest, after you have tasted some really good ones, especially ripe from the tree it's hard to accept the blah standard supermarket fare.
Now to contemplate these delicious oranges again - I see just googling "nycandre flickr orange" gets me there ... cool !

Concern Over Food Safety and Recalls

I don't think "field to fork" is going to solve that problem. Too many loopholes, more regulations.
I like the approach where accountability is traceable; for instance WholeFoods does a great job helping local growers and has a generally healthy attitude towards quality. I personally would rather eat less but better /safer quality foods, and less "convenient" non-packaged products to compensate for higher prices.
I am happy to see that even average supermarkets now often carry organic or at least healthy (all vegetarian, non hormones) eggs.


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