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Anchovy Help

@pepperhead212 Wow, thanks for the great tips! I also have had a more or less mixed reaction to anchovies up until now. I will definitely be looking in refrigerated sections for larger cans. Could be a game-changer!

Recommendations for Garlic Noodle Recipes

I have several Italian recipes which feature pasta and garlic (surprise, surprise). How about pasta alla vino rosso e olive? It's pasta with garlic, olives, and a red wine reduction. It's simple, so you can really taste the garlic flavor. And if you're like me, you use even more than the recipe calls for! Hope you like it.

Favorite Japanese Food?

Curry udon, for sure. So comforting on a cold day.

Though now that it's getting warm, I may switch to zaru soba! :)

The next ingredient trend..any predictions?

I second the pickling comment. I think with all of the talk about "probiotics" and things like kombucha and active yogurt cultures, people are bound to turn to other fermented foods. If so, that is a trend I would whole-heartedly support!

Doctoring store-bought cake mixes

Having a chemical aftertaste was one of my worries, but I think the proportions worked out all right in the end. I'm wondering if perhaps reducing the balsamic first would reduce (ha!) the sharpness while enhancing the fruit.

I might just have to try another batch... darn ;)

Single-use ingredients

When I find a recipe I really want to make which uses an ingredient I know I won't be able to use up, I like to search for other recipes using that ingredient ahead of time. That way I go to the store prepared for a few meals in advance.

I know it isn't on everyone's list of ingredients they can't use up, but pasta sauce is surprisingly versatile. I used some marinara as a dipping sauce for fried olives and didn't know what to with the rest, so I wrote an article about it:

8 Ways to Use Leftover Pasta Sauce

I made the pizza baked potato last night, and it was delicious!


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