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Traditional Spanish Foods

just spent a couple of days in galicia. you must try pulpo a la gallega with a glass of ribeiro or albariño. pimientos de padrón. i like queso de tetilla with anchovies.
back in madrid and my favorites here are sardinas a la plancha. manchego curado. pisto manchego (with good bread). and a good little plate of aceitunas or salted peanuts with a beer.

You either love it or you hate it...

oysters. sashimi. wasabi. truffle oil. eggplant. liqueurs. jalapeño. squid ink.

the only things i have a real aversion to in the original list are any gummy/sour candies and any fake whipped stuff. love anchovies, any stinky cheese, and anise! yum!

Where Should I Eat/Shop in San Francisco?

bike over the golden gate bridge, eat lunch in sausalito, and take the ferry back. there is an amazing seafood restaurants called "fish." in sausalito.

swensen's ice cream and bi-rite are both wonderful. miette bakery for cupcakes in the ferry building. zazie for lemon ricotta pancakes. everything else has pretty much been covered.

Scones, clotted cream and jam!

arium tea house in the meatpacking district or alice's tea cup (there are three locations).

Tasty vegan food in NYC, on the cheap

sorry! it's pukk with two k's. on first avenue and east houston.

Tasty vegan food in NYC, on the cheap

puck. wonderful. thai.
babycakes. vegan baked goods.

What's for dinner?

i'm addicted to my new omelette: gorgonzola and a little honey. i think i'll throw some mushrooms in there for good measure. not part of the question but strawberry ice cream for dessert

sisters eating and playing in madrid

my link was not included the first time around for some reason. here you have it:

Desserts with fruit, what's your favorite?

my sister and i recently paid a visit to the café at chez panisse and had the most marvelous persimmon pudding with cognac chantilly cream. it's our favorite fruit dessert yet.

Upper West Side, NYC

coffee/espresso: hungarian pastry shop 111th and amsterdam
bakery: silver moon 106th and b'way
restaurant: community food and juice 113th and b'way
tea: alice's tea cup 73rd and columbus
shopping: garden of eden 108th and b'way, milano's (114th and b'way)

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: A Year of Chocolate

dark, dark, dark -- kind of tastes like dirt! delicious.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: A Year of Chocolate

give me the darkest! sometimes i rather enjoy dagoba's prima materia 100%

A new found love for Fage!

i've used fage as a substitute for mayo in tuna salad for making tuna melts. it's magic! i think it would be best with diced red onions and dill pickles and a few good cracks of black pepper.

Best Bakeries in New York City

i also love Silver Moon bakery for three reasons: ethiopian bread, chocolate chip cookies, and fruit and nut granola.

Cook the Book: 'How to Cook Everything Vegetarian' Book Giveaway

if made traditionally, feijoada is probably as far as it gets from vegetarian. it's brazil's national dish -- a black bean stew with all sorts of unidentifiable meats thrown in there (mostly pork, i think). as delicious as it smells (and it does) i do not partake in the patriotic feasting of feijoada. luckily, my mother makes a wonderful vegetarian version with seitan, veggie bacon, and tempeh. you couldn't imagine how good it is. so hearty, oh my goodness.


yes i go to bard, christina -- do you? aren't those muffins lovely? as for city bakery, i just tried their chocolate chip cookie this weekend and it made me want to cry it was so good.


mostly i like to have a hearty breakfast that will keep me going through my morning classes (a big bowl of oatmeal, yogurt and granola, eggs and toast with peanut butter). there are those certain days, however, where i prefer to start myself off with something special like a pastry. in order for it to be special it has to be occasional and this has become less and less occasional for me -- there is the most fantastic bakery in the small town of tivoli just 10 minutes from my school. a cranberry scone, raspberry corn muffin, cinnamon bun, or chocolate brioche can make any girl's day (and a cup of strong coffee, of course). but i must agree with my sister, tudogostoso, that nothing can beat a perfectly flaky, not-too-sweet almond croissant.

I top my oatmeal with ______

being tudogostoso's sister, my oatmeal bowl looks almost identical. we perfected this concoction as a team (and really got it down over the summer). it was especially wonderful when we would add in the bounty of the season like nectarines or peaches, fresh figs, and sometimes even muscat grapes from the farmer's market. she forgot to mention that a dash of cardamom is essential. i tend to add very little to no sweetener to my oatmeal because i find that all the dried fruit along with the melty banana makes it perfectly sweet enough. i could eat oatmeal for days. and i do.

Good (basic) cooking classes in NYC?

i second Natural Gourmet -- so much fun

Food associations.

walnuts also remind me of brains but also mini lungs. and, of course, broccoli are little trees.

Romantic Veggie Restaurant in San Francisco?

greens restaurant right in fort mason, on the water. make sure your request a seat next to the enormous windows so you get the whole view of the bay, the sailboats, and the bridge. the food is fantastic, you won't be disappointed. the waitstaff is lovely and those in the kitchen are even lovelier. while they usually have one (and maybe an appetizer) asian-inspired entree, i would describe the menu as california/mediterranean/whatever is is season and delicious. happy food. also, if you don't get a chance to go there for dinner, make sure you go for sunday brunch.

____ smells better than it tastes

tastes better than it smells: pad thai

Food Poems

ode to sisters sandwich

born from the rich womb
of one avocado -- bulbous,
and proud of her full moon curves
came our sandwich

sliding sweetly through the flesh
of tomato, pickle, "cheese"
(almond skin confetti)
was the same knife

that tore through
The Perfect Bread, galaxies of black seeds

like a sponge from the deepest ocean
its pores welcomed a blanket
of verdent pesto and sour mustard grain
constellations of salt crystals and the spice of gods

come one, come all
and nestle together,
(safe) like two sisters and a swan
in bed

Best places for cake in NYC?

try the carrot cake sold at film forum movie theatre -- i promise you won't be disappointed. but definitely get a miniature haagen dazs vanilla ice cream cup to enjoy with it.

the raw molten chocolate cake at pure food and wine will make you die and go to heaven.

and, though not in slice form, the cupcakes at babycakes (i like vanilla with vanilla buttercream) are divine.

happy birthdays! oh, and if you love you cake and you're ever in san francisco DO NOT LEAVE without having something from miette patisserie in the ferry building.


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