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Weekend Cook and Tell: Gateway Vegetables

I just added a submission for a curried parsnip soup via Photograzing that I made a couple of nights ago. It's not exactly hearty, but it's extremely tasty and creamy. It doesn't taste vegan, and it doesn't have a flavor of healthiness to it. Super yum!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Stuffing Stories

I have always really disliked stuffing. It has never been a highlight for me - that is, until a couple of Thanksgivings ago when a friend made a vegan stuffing for my husband and I at her holiday meal. It was so great that I now look forward to it every year. Its subtlety of sweetness combined with the spices and other hearty textures and flavors make it a winner in my book.

I just posted about it on my blog at

I also just submitted it as a Cook and Tell submission. :)

Weekend Cook and Tell: Beyond Tofurkey: Venerable Vegetarian Thanksgiving Options

I made a really rich risotto this weekend with a golden hubbard squash. It was the first time I had made risotto, and I was really surprised at how creamy and rich it turned out - especially because it was vegan. I just wrote about my experience making this risoto on my blog, Novel Eats -

There is a chance that I may make this again for Thanksgiving - it is sure to be a hit with vegans and omnivores alike!

I just submitted this to Photograzing!

Weekend Cook and Tell: You Say Tomato...

I recently made pan con tomate, a Spanish dish that is very similar to bruschetta. I learned it when I was a student there just over ten years ago (yikes! time flies!), and I have loved making it every now and then ever since.

Dill Pesto

Yeah, sadly the server my blog is on was hacked. It's back now, though! :S And yes - the dill pesto turned out well!!


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