I currently own a small pizza stand at our local farmers market. I like to experiment with different kinds of pizzas.

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Adam Kuban's '8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams,' 2014 Edition

Thanks so much Adam! Ask Paulie about if I didn't offer to bring him some of those Detroit style pizzas up to NYC the last time I was there. I said he would have to get someone to pick them up because we were staying in Manhattan. Paulie said next time.

The Pizza Lab: How To Make New England Greek-style Pizza At Home

@Adam: I know I have played around with Greek style pizzas and now am playing around with a Detroit style dough in a cutter pan and found the Detroit style dough in the cutter pan is somewhat like a Greek pizza, but crisper on the bottom crust. The Detroit style in a cutter pan is a thinner pizza I have been playing with but not as thin as a Star/Colony pizza. I think somehow they are all related because they all have oiled pans.

The Pizza Lab: How To Make New England Greek-style Pizza At Home

In my opinion this is a good thread to read if anyone wants to learn how to make a Greek style pizza.,691.0.html

De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies, Trenton, New Jersey

@The Kitchin: If you ever read my post I would like to say I tried both De Lorenzo/Robbinsville and De Lorenzo/Sloan pizzas on the same day. Are you a relative of the De Lorenzo's? My favorite De Lorenzo's pizza was at Robbinsville because it had more of a brown rim edge and was baked more on the bottom crust. I also like the tomato pie toppings better at Robbinsville. It also seemed thinner to me and my friend that shared a pizza with me. Do you have any idea how both De Lorenzo's make their doughs and are they both the same, or is that a secret? I am curious because those two pizzas tasted very different.

Father's Day Giveaway: Win a KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit

Letting me try to make pizza from scratch when I was about 13. I made a terrible mess of the kitchen and the pizza didn't turn out well either. That was somewhere in the timeline of more than 50 years ago.

My Pie Monday: Focaccia Pizza, Sweet and Savory Potato Pie, Chinese Sausage, and More!

@TXCraig1: Thanks for your kind comment! Your Neapolitan pizzas always look great!

@paralleli: Thanks too!

@ScottD: Beautiful Neapolitan pie!

@derricktung: Thanks! Whenever you are ready, I sure would be your mentor for Detroit style pizzas.

I also look forward to all the great looking pizzas on MPM. Great looking pizzas this week Slicers!

Pizza Obsessives: Jeff "SonnyC79" Amador

Jeff is was nice to get to know you better! Nice interview and it is always great to see your delicious looking pies on MPM.

How to Dress Up Like a Pizza: 19 Awesome Items for Your Pizza Wardrobe

I was a pizza slice for Halloween too. I also have pizza

How to Dress Up Like a Pizza: 19 Awesome Items for Your Pizza Wardrobe

@ Lily Wong: I also was a Slice of Pizza for Halloween. I also have pizza jewelry.

How To Make Matzo Pizza

@ J. Kenji: I had posted on Adam’s thread at that I also made Matzo pizzas, but I made the Matzo dough.

My Pie Monday: Savory Caponata, Haute Hawaiian, French Bread Pizzas, and More!

@derricktung: Thanks for your kind comment!

Your creation of Pizza Blanca looks delicious too!

Very good looking pizzas Slicer’s.

Poll: Sugar in Tomato Sauce, Way or No Way?

I tried many tomato products both foodservice products and many pizza sauces and tomato products from many other places. For me, it all depends on what other spices I add or do not add. I do use a pinch of sugar sometimes. It also depends on what type of pizza I am trying to make.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Non-Mozzarella Pizza Cheese?

I love a really good mild white foodservice white cheddar for Detroit stylea, or for boardwalk styles.

Eater's Pizzeria Heatmap

I also was at Pizza Brain and think their pizzas are great. Good to see Detroit style pizza making it on the list.

My Pie Monday: Yabby Pan Pie, Roasted Grapes with Goat Cheese, Pizza Triangles, and More!

@Charliel7: Your Yabby Pan Pie looks interesting. Can you tell me what Barossa sausage is?

@amusebouche1: You never cease to amaze me with your different toppings!

@millions: Your heart shape pie for your wife sure was nice!

@jamesws: The pizza triangles sound delicious!

@Bloo: Your pan pizza looks great!

@JimmyG: Your pies always look so delicious. Beautiful crumb structure!

@Moo102: Congrats on your first pizza!

@Okaru: Your pie looks very good and also creative dressings.

@kenposurf: Nice pie!

@Suziey: Congrats on your first Margherita pie for MPM.

@Imwalking: Nice rim browning on your steel pie!

@surcredibility: Your white pizza looks good!

@Eric K: I like the idea you modified your Green Egg into a WFO. Looks good.

@harrycaul: That is a terrific looking pan pizza!

@Kenneth K: Nice look pan pizza too!

@Florida9: I like you steel pie!

@TXCraig1: The crumb on your Detroit-Style pizza looks amazing!

@SonnyC79: I am making Detroit style pies at market now, so yes I would say it is my go to style now. I just upped the hydration some and had decent results with that.

@paralleli: Thanks and hope to see your MPM pizza this coming week.

My Pie Monday: BBQ Brisket, Pizza Pringles, Kobe Beef Bacon, and More!

@FredipusRex- Yes, I also thought the Widmers brick cheese was really good on a Detroit style pizza. I think, but am not sure that somehow Widmer's might have been connected to Kraft, that once produced brick cheese, but I don't think Kraft produces brick cheese anymore. If someone is in Detroit they can purchase Foremost Farms brick cheese in 40 lb. blocks. I think it is Foremost Farms brick cheese, but am not sure of that either.

My Pie Monday: BBQ Brisket, Pizza Pringles, Kobe Beef Bacon, and More!

I have tried different brands of brick mozzarella from Wisconsin and also Eddie’s brick cheese from Mandi Cheese shop in a 6 lb. block. Anyone can purchase it at the Mandi Cheese Shop online. In my opinion the AMPI mild white cheddar piled on the edges and some in the middle with a blend of two mozzarellas in the middle do taste like the brick cheese Buddy’s pizza uses. The AMPI mild white cheddar does have a high fat amount and melts buttery tasting and also stretches well. I have also tried Widmer’s mild brick cheese which is also good, but more yellow in color. Some supermarkets do carry mild brick cheese, but they are fairly expensive. The Eddie’s brick cheese from the Mandi Cheese Shop is very good, but there are no distributors in my area. I was also sent some brick cheeses to try that were also good. Just make sure you don’t get the strong brick cheese, because in my opinion that is too strong.

My Pie Monday: BBQ Brisket, Pizza Pringles, Kobe Beef Bacon, and More!

I have studied Detroit style pizzas for about 4 months and have been experimenting that long on a thread on There is also the Buddy’s thread on which in my opinion is very informative. PizzaHog worked very hard on that thread and so did Pete-zza. To me the difference between a Sicilian pizza and a Detroit style is that Detroit style pizzas have 70-75% hydration whereas Sicilian pizza usually have a lower hydration and yes, brick cheese is the traditional cheese on Detroit style pizza, but mild white cheddar is also good in my opinion. If a Detroit style pizza is made right it just melts in your mouth.

Introducing the New Slice Editor, Niki Achitoff-Gray, or 'Lady Slice'

Welcome Niki as the new editor! I also enjoyed your Pizza Obsessive post. Best of luck to you too Meredith! You did a super job.


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