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Reality Check: Burger King Japan's Apple-topped Ringo Burger

Japan has the most photogenic burgers I've seen. With their trademark precision, the guys usually put out some nice looking burgers, but the Ringo presentation was a disappointment, both the first and second time I ate it.

Oh and when I try the Ringo burger I'll definitely post a recipe for it.

Pork & Apple Burgers might be a fun idea to play around with. When I try out the Ringo and I think I'll stick to a couple of slices of yummy yummy bacon.

Dear AHT: In-N-Out in Tokyo for a One-day Pop-up Event

Hehe it doesn't make sense, huh? Why open up a restaurant in Tokyo when they can't even get one up on the east coast?

It makes me wonder where they got their meat from. Knowing the price of quality meat here in Tokyo , I doubt they could keep their prices down to match or even come near McDonalds.

Was the meat flown in? I don't know, I didn't get the chance to ask.


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