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Wood Grilled Rabbit & Brussel Sprouts with Charred Figs

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I grew up in the early 70's in the Midwest. My father's pizza mistake, as is some of the other post here, was that he was set in is Midwest ways and Pizza as well as other "Foreign" foods would not do. As a young 10 year old foodie back then I put in my request for an "International Night" one night a week from my Mom and spaghetti & Old El Paso tacos didn't count. I let the Chung King slide because there was no way Mom could find the Chinese ingredients in Northern Indiana. It was a tall order for a young Mom in the seventies.
On "I Night" Mom would make my "Foreign meal" and still have to pan fry my Dad a steak or pork chop & pour off the rendered fat in a coffee cup. She served the cup-o'fat on the side so that Dad could dip his white bread in it as he enjoyed his dinner. The funny thing is, after all these years, I think I saw version Dad's "meal" on the Girl & the Goat's menu a couple of weeks ago in Chicago. Maybe it was my Dad that was the one that was way ahead of the foodie curve back then? Go figure. I miss him. Happy Father's Day!

Help On An Anniversary Road Trip In Louisiana

Can't wait! Fights out at tomorrow @ 10:00 a.m. Chicago time. I think I wish I was a Indiana cow about now... with a couple extra stomachs.
Thanks all for all the great advice!

Help On An Anniversary Road Trip In Louisiana

Thanks so much for all the replies! Can't wait. We live for these road trips!
We will let SE know how it goes.
Thanks Again.

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A while back I made what I called the I-69 Truck Stop Cheese Cake. The idea was a cheese cake based off a truck stop breakfast. The layers were (from bottom up), A crunchy caramel waffle crust, strong black coffee mocha cheese cake filling, a maple pancake, an eggy vanilla filling, another maple pancake, black coffee mocha filling and top it off with 3 strips of crumbled, salty bacon. That's a big 10-4 Good Buddy!

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A West Indian Thanksgiving dinner on St. John USVI.
Bull foot soup, boiled green plantain, stewed whelks and the starchiest dumplings I've every had.

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A bone in ribeye, medium rare, cooked over a hard wood fire with a good compound butter.

She finds the things to do, I find the places to eat...

4 days & nights in New York.
Oct 24,25,26,27
An Anniversary dinner.
In the restaurant business for 20+ years
(married my server)
Looking for a little food inspiration.
A food adventure/soiree event would be fun. Papaya King to a food truck to
D. Chang is our style. Just way to many choices, NY!
Any personal meal planners out there?

Help On An Anniversary Road Trip In Louisiana

Hey, This is my first post on SE! Finally. My wife and I leave for Louisiana this Friday for a food / concert anniversary trip and we are looking for recommendations for eats on our route. We start in Baton Rouge concert Friday night and make our way down to New Orleans Saturday for a concert on Sunday. Monday we mozie back to Baton Rouge. We are open to food trucks to upscale. We would like to hit some of the " off the beaten path" spots outside of NO if possible. Anything around Lake Pontchartrain? Thanks!

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