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18 Awesome Apps and Finger Foods for Your Super Bowl Party

the world cup is so damn annoying. the WORLD with their awful corrupt FIFA lol

Dipping Into Queso, a Texas Potluck Classic

a can of tomatoes and chilis can make anything better. If you're making tacos with those spicy pouches from Lawry's et all, I use a can of Ro-Tel (or whatever) instead of water and it's nice. It's nothing "authentic" but it tastes good.

The Food Lab: How to Grill or Broil Tofu That's Really Worth Eating

This is one of those articles where one says "so THAT's why my (tofu, chili, whatever) sucks so much!" Very helpful. I'm not a vegan but I'd try this out sometime for sure.

Use Your Cast Iron Pan and a Tortilla to Make World Class Bar-Style Pizza in Under 12 Minutes

This looks great but wouldn't using a thicker tortilla (like a gordita etc) maybe be a bit better if you put a lot of toppings on it?

Manner Matters: Can I Bring My Own Tonic Water?

some local or state laws may prohibit this for other reasons - I know at a local bar in my neighborhood someone had a pepsi in their pocket (unopened) and asked, and while the bartender wanted to let them do it, he indicated that the ABC laws didn't allow him to allow people to bring in their own ANYTHING due to the nature of their license.

7 Mexican Sodas You Should Know

I'm surprised you don't list Penafiel (the n has a tilde on it) which is pretty good and I find it at lots of taquerias etc. like all of these they taste ok but they sure are sweet. I find that I can't finish one off without feeling like I just drank a jug of Jolly Rancher candies lol. They do make for good mixers though.

10 Must-Try Wheat Beers for Summer

Widmer Brothers' Hefeweizen is pretty good, and the closest one that I've had that tastes like a Weihenstephan, Paulaner, or Schoffenroffer.

Where to Eat Near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco

Good list, and some good suggestions in the comments. However when it comes to Mexican food, La Fonda beats Gordo's out bigtime. Better menu, better ingredients, and they also do breakfast. Pasion does a great brunch (and a great everything), but expect a line at Art's now that everyone's discovered it on weekends LOL.

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Burgers

I will admit to buying White Castle burgers once in a while. I prefer to put either mustard or HP sauce on 'em and they're ok, but they sure have a lot of calories for something so small.

Chain Reaction: We Try Subway's New Big Hot Pastrami Melt

subway has consistently made me ill every time I've had it so I avoid it like the plague.

If you want a chain pastrami that is a chain version of an LA style Pastrami Sandwich (i.e. like at Johnnie's) Togo's does pretty good. I always order with extra pickles and pepperocini because that's how I like it (and no cheese) and it's nice at a quality franchise. Of course at a f-d up one it sucks but that is why chains suck.

Best Bars Los Angeles: Where to Drink in Culver City

I've been to City Tavern and it's great. Had a great time with some friends there while in town. They had this great pretzel bun burger that I have yet to find an equal to elsewhere.

The Big King Is a Whopper of a Disappointment

The Big Carl at Carl's Jr is their clone of the Big Mac but it's a bigger burger and has better toppings. I like them but these days I find I can't finish them because they are just too big. Their special sauce is pretty good though.

JalapeƱo Kicker Sandwiches Could Be Coming to a McDonald's Near You

the idea sounds ok but as always, with any new offering they are putting too many toppings on the burger that either make it too messy to eat or or just cancel each other out. jalapenos on a McD's burger sounds good, actually (preferably with some bacon on it too or a neutral non pepper cheese) but putting on all these others seems a bit much.

that said if they sell one near me I'll buy one to try it.

Reality Check: We Try Subway's New Sriracha Steak and Chicken Melts

eating this crap will definitely create some fiery footlongs the next day lol

Our Search for the Best Fried Chicken in San Francisco Part 2: East Asian-Style

You can now get San Tung wings at the new candy/ice cream place a door down from ST, Next Door Sweets, and have no wait.

How to Infuse Your Booze With Halloween Candy

Skittles vodka recipes abound on the Internet...always wanted to try that, but these look even better! chocolate and bourbon! awesome!!!

Why Have I Never Tried: Whatchamacallit?

I remember trying this before it came out in the 1970s. When I was a kid I had a friend whose grandfather worked in advertising, and would often get products early and would pass them around to his family and friends to try out and get feedback. We each tried a piece of it and liked it and our comments were duly noted....

What's Your Local Cheap Beer?

Rainier ale, Old Style (only in 16 oz cans please) are my favorites....Schiltz also.

We Try the New Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger from Hardee's & Carl's Jr.

They seem to take pride in how messy these "special" burgers are. The only 2 things I will order there are either the basic burger (which is actually ok) or the Big Carl with the 1000 island dressing. Sadly in SF both of our Carl's Jrs are located in one of the worst parts of downtown. last time I was in one , there was a guy literally bleeding on the floor by the soda machines. UGH.

The one in San Bruno by YouTube's offices, however is possibly one of the nicest ones I've ever seen.

Ask a Bartender: What's Your Favorite Whiskey?

pick one? omg how is that even possible? Ryes are always great (Jim Beam rye, Rittenhouse, Bulliet, and so on), a Jameson's shot is magic, of the bourbons, a Bulliet, a Woodford Reserve, or when you're in a dive bar, Jim Beam works, and for Scoth for God's sakes do NOT drink our family's alcohol (Dewar's) and get a Macallan or any of the more aged Scotches. (?)

Chain Reaction: McDonald's Mighty Wings, Revisited

This will actually get me to go back to McDonalds, even the nasty "Children of Men" themed one by Golden Gate Park on Haight Street which sucks LOL. A pity they can't sell beer at McD's in the US though.

Open Thread: What Words Should Never Be Used to Describe Food?

"mouth watering". makes me think of someone drooling on their food. GROSS

Snapshots from the San Francisco Street Food Festival

be sure to check out the inner and outer sunset...lots of great places out here!

AHT Giveaway: VIP Tickets to the 2013 Sacramento Burger Battle

Combination of "is the bun strong enough to hold it together and taste good" and " was the meat cooked properly"


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