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Rice and Bacillus Cereus

Yes but only if I know how it was prepared. The problem with B.cereus is that it can form endospores. These spores are resistant to higher than normal temperatures and can survive cooking. The B.cereus/rice problem is most associated with fried rice, usually commercially prepared, where the spores are activated after the initial cooking, grow while the rice is improperly stored, and if left long enough produce a heat stable emetic toxin cereulide that can resist further heating.

As long as you refrigerate your rice properly, I wouldn't worry.

Baking cookbook for tween

Mrs. Fields Cookie Book (or something along those line. It also includes some pies, bars, muffins etc. All recipes have pictures and are pretty straightforward .

Favorite Potato Chips?

Madhouse Munchies out of Vermont

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat La Frieda Burgers

My boyfriend and I have a rule that after any trip to the ER or urgent doctor's visit we can indulge in our clandestine fast food burger cravings. It happened a couple months ago (I cut myself cooking!), but what I remember more than the stitches and shots was sitting in a McDs at one in the morning with my BF laughing as I tried to eat a Big Mac with one hand.

Help! Need some Southern apps for May 1st

ok these all sound so good I might have to do more than 8! thank you

Found the cupcake cookies

On the back of the Funfetti box is a recipe for cookies made from the mix. They're actually quite good and more of the consistency I think most were imagining. You do have to like the vanilla, cake batter flavor. Of course, I do.

I eat ______ out of the tin/jar/bottle...

Deviled ham mixed with Heinz green relish on's what my Memere used to feed me when I'de visit her in boyfriend calls it catfood.

Needed: 5 star chicken dinner side

@pjracz10- Love the pea idea, there have been tons of english peas at the FM so that would work greay.

Needed: 5 star chicken dinner side

@gbania- sweet potatos, great idea, I hadn't thought of that.

I coat the chicken in kosher salt, poultry seasoning, garlic powder, fresh rosemary and thyme. As for the SO, he has a voracious appetite but very little opinion as to what he is eating. I usually serve it with mashed potato or wild rice but I am looking for something else this time that is not a starch per se. My reason for considering a puree is I am looking to plate the dinner and want the entire effect to be simplistic ie not potatoes and peas and chicken and whatnot on a plate. (at least not for tonight.) It is my firm belief that the greatness of a fresh vegetable can be retained in a well executed puree, if not enhanced, unlike some above.

Eating out in North Conway NH

White Mountain Cider Company on Route 302/16 right around the Bartlett/Glen area. CIA trained chefs, great drinks, atmosphere, and the best food in the valley. Can get a little busy but service is great.

Pre-makeable mac and cheese recipe?

Thanks for the replies! I think I'm going to try to Savoy recipe and see how it goes. That was pretty much exactly what I was looking for-thanks for bringing it up. @Heart I can never get reheated M&C back to its original consistency and honestly, I don't have enough room in my freezer! (haven't we all been there)

What is calorie a measure of?

A calorie is defined as the amount of energy needed to raise one gram of water one degree celsius. When written in the lower case it corresponds to the definition above. Calories with an uppercase c is actually a kcal or 1000 calories.


Chik-fil-a was a staple when I went to school down south. Now I stop at the one in Philly airport whenever I can. Honestly, I don't see what the big deal is with them not being open on Sundays. States have Sunday liquor laws because of archeaic religious reasoning but that doesn't stop people from visiting the liquor store every other day. As long as I can keep getting the best chicken sandwiches there, if they want to have their day off on Sunday, whether for religious reasons or otherwise, that is fine by me.


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