i'll try anything once, but i don't promise i'll keep it down.

  • Location: jakarta, indonesia
  • Favorite foods: traditional indonesian sweets and desserts, anything with palm sugar, small bites, and plates that can be shared :)
  • Last bite on earth: martabak manis, an indonesian dessert with chocolate,cheese, peanuts, condensed milk, sesame and butter. saying that it's sorta like a square, super thick pancake would do it injustice.

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Eating Sprinkles the Dutch Way: Hagelslag on Bread

This is also a breakfast staple in Indonesia! Sometimes this would be in my lunchbox too. It was only when I was grown up did I realize chocolate and sugar with bread for breakfast might not be the best for children. Mostly all moms will give you this for breakfast without a second thought. Other options would be bread with nutella, or bread with butter and white sugar o_o

Cereal Eats Taste Test: Which Chocolate Cereal Makes the Best Chocolate Milk?

Cocoa Pops! the one with the monkey? Just like a chocolate milkshake only crunchy?

Are you in the Clean Plate Club?

if i serve myself, i always finish what i have in my plate. If I go out though, its a problem because I almost always can never finish my food, the portions are always too big! People will say that I'm dieting or something, but I truly am not! I don't like wasting food so I feel bad not finishing, but at the same time I just cannot eat more when I am full. I also feel bad when someone else is paying, because I don't want to seem ungrateful :(
Going to dinner when someone cooks is also a problem sometimes because they can serve a lot of food, and I don't think it is very polite not to finish the plate...but telling them not to serve too much also doesn't seem very nice! I still don't know what's the etiquette for these situations..

What do you mean, you hate _________?!

ketchup. yuck yuck yuck. anything else, i would consider, even cow's brain or something equally weird, as long as the person who cooks knows what they're doing. but no ketchup.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Gummy Candy?

Sour gummy bears with the sour sugar coating, and sour cola bottles! Oh and also those sour apple things which are long like tape...what do u call em??

Condiment Confessions

I use to really really hate condiments. If a fry touched just a drop of ketchup I won't eat it because it grosses me out. Same for sandwich spreads, mayo, and thousand island sauce. I'm 25 now, and have been living in holland for the past two years, and have just grown to like dipping fries in mayo. But just a tiny bit. Still hate all the others I mentioned though, especially ketchup!

Culinary Ambassadors: Condiments in the Philippines - Shrimp Pastes

We Indonesians call it terasi, and up until now I still cant stand the stink! Whenever someone in my home makes 'sambal terasi', I lock myself up inside my room cos the smell permeates everywhere in the house!

Weekend Cook and Tell: What I learned in Home Ec

I learned a quick way to make puddings set is to dip the mold complete with the pudding in it in a water bath fillled with ice. Sets up in no time! Magic.
I also learned that sewing embroideries on a tea towel on your lap is not a good idea, especially when you are about to hand in your work and it turns out you have sewn it together with the skirt you are wearing.

Condiments in Indonesia: Kecap Manis

@nmw407 Yesss! Kecap bango is the best! I live in the netherlands, and i make my mom bring it to me when she comes to visit once :D

@a cook in st. louis I dont think u need to keep it in the fridge, I just keep mine in a shelf, out of direct sun

Have You Ever Had Airline Food You Actually Liked?

Singapore airlines usually gives tasty meals.. I cant remember a particular one, but I usually retch when i smell airplane food, but for some reason not in Singapore airlines..

Slice Poll: Do You Eat Pizza-Flavored Snacks?

I hate hate hate pizza-flavored food! Chips, crackers, it all has this weird smell that permeates the whole room if you open the package. I also hate breads that are supposedly pizza know, those fluffy breads that are topped with tomato sauce and cheese and some kind of meat...Asian and Dutch bakeries especially loves those, and I hate it when someone in the bus eats one because everyone can smell!

Poll: How Do You Eat String Cheese?

wow..i didn't even know you were supposed to string it. I just bite on to it. I've always wondered what the "string" means. Wow wow wow. enlightement.

Seriously Malaysian: Starters and Desserts

hmmmm it kinda bothers me that the dishes mentioned in this section called "seriously malaysian" is usually of indonesian origin. But I guess it is difficult to tell which country's version came first.

What time do you eat dinner ?

i usually a real meal around 7, then snack on something at 9 or 10..but I have been studying abroad (im indonesian studying in the netherlands) and am friends with a lot of greeks, who eats dinner at 9 or 10,so now I eat dinner really late too! I eat at 9.30 or 10. Lunch is either at 4 or 5.

Do You Have a Hard Time Eating Animal-Shaped Foods?

@therealchiffonade yes i was just about to make this same comment! I dont mind animal shaped food, but i dont like it when my food stares at me! like fish served still with the head! creeps me out. although i will still eat it :)

Can You Learn to Cook from Cookbooks?

well im not sure if this counts as cooking, but i learned how to bake from blogs and baking websites. Seriously, everything from learning how to cream butter and sugar, whisking flour, etc. I went from making rock hard cupcakes to a pretty good baker (proven by my friends and families requests to bake all the time)!!

Are You a Triangle or Rectangle Sandwich Cutter?

my housekeeper use to cut my sandwiches into four rectangles..then i could just eat the crustless part of the sandwich in one or two bites, and then leave the corners in my lunchbox! :)

Any food you could eat daily til' you kick the bucket?!

i have a dependency on fruit mentos (never mint!), and eat them on a daily basis, 3-4 times a day. I always have to have a roll of them on my bag, or else i get nervous.

Would You Eat This Lobster?

of course! the theme could be "aged", with good wine and cheese :D

Video: The Cereal Sifter

cereal dust is good! especially the dust from sugary cereals like trix :D just to make it even better, i would add a little sweetened condensed milk and it becomes think and dessert-ish!

eating my way through prague!

@notamerican thank you! it seems like prague has a special place in your heart and i'm sure i will have a wonderful time there!

thanks for the posts everyone, and keep it coming!!

Out of the Box: Dr. Oetker Ristorante Mozzarella Frozen Pizza

I live in the netherlands, and we have dr. oetker products dominating the fridge section. that said, i've tried one of these, and it tasted like ass! it was bland, oily, and the cheese tasted rubbery. i dunno. maybe they dont have quality control or something cause i could not imagine anyone trying this and saying it was okay, let alone delicious.

Impromptu Taste Test: The Cult of Yakult

i love yakult! when i was a kid i use to freeze it, then cut off the plastic top part of it, to make it sorta like a popsicle! now i drink it every morning, to aid my digestion :D

French in a Flash: Citrus Oreillettes

as always, beautiful introduction to the recipe!