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Foods everyone seems to like but you just can't get into....

@Sudenveri- I would never claim an allergy at a restaurant- for just the reasons you mention. I only like to lie to the people close to me, like my husband's family- so I don't have to explain myself when they are offering me shrimp cocktail for the 15th time!

You say it's your Birthday!!!

Regina's pizza (Boston) every year on my bday for at least 25 years now (and that brings me back to pre-teen years), followed by lemon drop cookies from Bova's bakery.

Foods everyone seems to like but you just can't get into....

@BitchinFixins- I too will claim a shellfish allergy to get out of eating shrimp. For me it is not the flavor, but the texture. The crunching through membranes is just too much for me to handle. It bums me out that there are foods that I don't like because when I see other people enjoying them with such gusto, I feel left out. I also dislike lobster and avacados.

Am I chasing the holy grail? Baguettes at home.

I am with @climbhighak- spray the oven with water once or twice with water to create steam, goes a long way toward improving the crust.

Creating mini-meatloaf appetizers . . on what base?

What if instead of piped mashed on the top, you sliced and roasted potatoes and used that as your base? You could adhere the meatloaf to the roasted potatoe slice with a dollop of the cream cheese/ sour cream mixture...

Food Burnout

I know that I get this way at the end of a season. By the end of the summer, I am sick of the grill. By the end of the winter, I sick of all things heavy. It passes, but I have a couple of weeks where I am just indifferent to eating and cooking.

acidic tomato sauce

To avoid acidic sauce you either need to cook your sauce quickly (30 minutes tops) or for a very long time (slow simmer for 4 plus hours), nothing in between (the time in between is when the tomatoes begin to release their acid to the time the acid cooks off).

If you use tomato paste, pince your paste by adding it to your onions after you sweat them until they very soft and completely translucent- let the tomato paste cook out for 2 or 3 minutes before adding your other tomato product.

Names of restaurants in your city that make you cringe

Boston has a really upscale steakhouse called 'Moooo'- really, that is the best you could do?

My neighborhood has a Thai place called 'Phuket', which is fine- but scandalizes my phonetically inclined 2nd grader- it more fun to say her way, so sometimes for take out we get a bucket of Phuket.

Cary Sugar Question

Often in cookies you will see half brown and half white sugar because all brown sugar in a cookie would result in a darker finished product. In something like a creme brulee topping, white sugar is drier and distributes more evenly, letting you carmalize more consistently. Brown sugar would clump and burn in spots.

how much should you comment on your own topic?

I often wish that the OP would reply when they have asked for advice on recipes or restaurants to hear about the outcome. I read here more than I write, but I notice that some people really dedicated time to their suggestions and I am sure they would love to hear what the OP ended up doing.

As far as the 'just for fun' posts, you can always choose not to click!

I need your help with a name for our cookbook?

Will there be a theme to the cookbook or just a general collection?

Another Boston Question - Rehearsal Dinner Clambake?

Try Jasper White's Summer Shack in the Back Bay.

I'm thinking about going to the CIA...

I agree with Sugarchef- the CIA experience is unbelievable. It is Disney for cooks. You will love every moment of it. But in order to know if it is for you, you have to love the industry. Work in a restaurant, hotel, catering company or banquet facility first to see if it will be worth the investment of your time and money.

Weekend in Boston - Good Eats Around Convention Center?

Strega Waterfront (near convention center) is Nick Varano- the scene is great, the food is good the prices are high. But you might run into someone worth name dropping later. If you are looking for more casual Legal Seafood's LTK isn't far.

You are also not far from Barbara Lynch's new places (super short cab ride): Drink- which is a bar, Sportello, casual high concept Italian restaurant and Menton, ultra expensive destination restaurant. All these places are pricey.

For just beers or beers and burgers, Whiskey Priest and Atlantic Beer Garden are right next door to each other and both are a good time.

If, "All Men Are Liars" Have you ever lied about a friends food?

When someone goes out of their way and takes precious time to make me dinner, or whatever it may be, I can gaurentee you that I will always have something nice to say. The effort and gesture is worth so much more than the outcome.

Eat: Albany, Boston, Portland, Bangor, Saint John, Halifax

A great pub in Boston with live Irish music is Mr. Dooley's on Broad Street.

I love Flatbread Pizza Co. in Portland- I know it is a small chain, but it is good and cheap.

Recipes for a Broken Man with a Broken Tooth

I like poached eggs on refried beans when I have had dental work.

Deglazing v. flambée-ing

In Alton Brown's example, you use the cognac to deglaze, but tilt the pan just slightly to catch the alcohol on fire, to speed along the cooking off of the alcohol.. your result would be pretty much the same if you just let the alcohol reduce... Sounds like your dinner will be great. I heart steak au poivre.

Deglazing v. flambée-ing

I think the overall purpose is different. Deglazing is the correct term when you are adding liquid (be it alcohol or stock) to a pan to be able to collect the fond from the bottom of a pan. Typically to make a pan sauce. When you flambe, you are often doing so for presentation purposes, or to burn off excess alcohol flavor when you pan that is too full of other ingredients to have the alcohol reduce and evaporate on its own.

Advice about culinary boot camps?

My husband and I (both CIA grads) sent my dad to CIA bootcamp and he really loved it. He was an an avid home cook to start with, so found it very helpful.

If you are interested, check out the Rue La La website, CIA is selling discounted boot camp classes on Feb 16.

What Talk thread title do you never want to see on SE?

Not a thread, but I have to admit that my stomache turned the day I was eating lunch and opened up to the human cheese post- the words than the overall concept were just off putting.

Cream Cheese Frosting - can it be piped?

I often use it for piping, just stiffen it up with a little extra powdered sugar.

The Food Lab's Complete Guide to Buying, Storing, and Cooking Prime Rib

I may have missed it, but any general guidelines on how many minutes per pound in a 200 degree oven until you start to hit 120? Thanks!

(Non-Food) Thanksgiving Traditions

My mom, sister and I (and now my kids) do a kick line in our pjs in front of the TV every year when the Rockettes show up in the parade. Happliy sipping on mimosas before hand, of course!

Pumpkin Rolls vs. Cinnamon Rolls

@Jerzee- you are right, the filling for the pumpkin rolls was perfect, gave a nice spiced almost carmel flavor- I think I will give it a try the way you mention. Thanks for the feedback.


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