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First Look: Underground Tiki Cocktails at Three Dots and A Dash, Chicago

The rack of skulls is certainly an off-note...reminds me of the Khmer Rouge.

Ask a Bartender: What Are Your Favorite Tequilas?

What, no Tres Generaciones plata? No Chinaco anejo?

Essential Sodas: Jarritos Tamarindo

I love the idea of using tamarindo as a mixer- any favorite combinations?

Knockout Noodles: Andy's Thai Kitchen

As a lover of Kao Soy- a wonderful and surprisingly uncommon dish- I thank you for this review!

Heirloom Tomato Bloody Mary Mix

Thanks for the recipe! How long will this mix keep in the fridge?

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Julia Kramer's Wicker Park

Blake, to each his or her own, but I was always partial to their croissants, the ham and cheese-filled, the chocolate-filled and the almond-filled, and my wife loved their muffins and scones- so my experience with their "bread" is mainly on the pastry side, i suppose. Maybe I just haven't eaten enough of their loaves to say whether I love them, but I recall thinking their baguette was tasty.

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Julia Kramer's Wicker Park

"Bread: You have to leave Wicker Park/Bucktown to get good bread. Someone should fix this."

Wha? How about Red Hen Bakery on Milwaukee? They are wonderful! One of the very few places I actually miss now that I live in Portage Park (although our Polish-style bakeries are a nice change of pace!)

The Corn Tortillas of Chicago: How Many Brands Are Available?

I agree we are truly blessed here in Chicago! I am partial to El Milagro for both their corn tortillas and their chips. Regarding day-old tortillas and storing tortillas in the fridge- neither should be a problem if you warm up the tortillas prior to use, on a comal, griddle, or other hot, dry pan. Of course, warming them and then placing them in a basket/tortilla warmer wrapped in a towel and allowing them to steam each other will only add to the wonderful flavor.


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