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Screw Valentine's Day: A Greasy, Meaty Menu for Your Dark, Gloomy Soul

Batman has his Joker, Christmas has its Grinch, and Valentine's Day? I won't point any fingers, but you know who you are, snarling at love poems and ripping doilies to shreds in your dark, soulless lair of disdain. But whether you're dining alone, hunkering down with friends, or sharing the evening with an equally cliché-averse partner, there's no reason why you can't have your gloom and eat it too. More

How to Make Perfect Tortellini From Scratch

In the world of labor-intensive foods, tortellini definitely fall into the realm of time-consuming, repetitive tasks. To make a meal for two will take you around half an hour of piping and folding. But it's time well-spent, I promise! They're delicate, flavorful showstoppers that also lend themselves well to cooking with a partner or group of friends. Make it a social event and the time will fly. Plus you'll feel pretty baller doing it. More

The Science of the Best Fresh Pasta

Making fresh pasta can be an intimidating process, especially if you're not used to working with flour and water. But it's also an imminently achievable skill, and once you're comfortable with the basic technique, there's really no reason why you can't reap the rewards on a regular basis. Here's everything you need to know to make a light, springy, delicate fresh pasta that's as well-suited to slicing into noodles as it is to making stuffed pastas. More

A Cookie a Day: Hello Dolly Bars

For a cookie so simple, Hello Dolly bars go by many names—it's just as likely that you know them as Magic Cookies or Seven Layer Bars. But no matter their moniker, these are a special breed of cookie-bar hybrids. The kind that leave you sticky-fingered, crumb-dusted, totally stuffed, and yet, against all logic, still wanting more. No, not one more. A LOT more. More

The Best Roast Pork Sandwiches in Philadelphia

@JPET we definitely did not finish anything. All of those were split between at least 3 people, sometimes up to 5 or 6. Otherwise...I'd be dead right now. As it is, I feel like I'm still recovering.

The Science of the Best Fresh Pasta

@JMASI, when you run the dough through and then fold, or laminate, you'll want to then use a rolling pin to make it thin enough to feed back through. You can see my example above, in the section called "Rolling." Hope that helps!

Homemade Ricotta Ravioli

How to Make Perfect Ravioli From Scratch

@gumbercules ha! I, too, learned the hard way. And even when they don't explode, they're not as satisfying to eat. And yes, we have a collapsable black hole in the office for exactly such photoshoots :)

A Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner for 2 That's Almost Impossible to Screw Up

Oh no! I really hope that didn't happen to you, especially on Valentine's Day!

Screw Valentine's Day: A Greasy, Meaty Menu for Your Dark, Gloomy Soul

@darklighter, oops! I linked to the wrong one. Fixing now.

Screw Valentine's Day: A Greasy, Meaty Menu for Your Dark, Gloomy Soul

@HungryGrad11, I wanted to write Treat Yo Self so many times in there. So true.

This Week in Recipes

@banks14guy, this is just a summary of all the articles that ran over the course of the week, for those who want to scroll through and see if they missed anything. All of these posts have gone live on different days as their own individual article. Does that address your comment?

Homemade Mushroom Tortellini

@scisky, honestly I'm not sure that these tortellini would go very well with fish. You could swap out the filling for simple ricotta and parmesan, perhaps with a little lemon zest, and serve it with olive oil or tomato sauce? But mushrooms and fish aren't something I'd normally pair with each other, so I'm having trouble coming up with a helpful recommendation. If that's the combo you want to stick with, though, I don't see why you couldn't serve the tortellini with the brown butter (or olive oil) and still poach the fish. Sorry I can't be of more help!

Classic Fresh Egg Pasta

Great, so glad to hear it worked out for you!

The Best Burgers in Philadelphia

@Jay123, we did hit the Spot Truck (had a really unfortunate burger, though) and Sketch, but not the other places you mentioned. I'll be sure to try the burger at Dutch Eating Place next time I'm at RTM!

The Best Burgers in Philadelphia

@WaxBrain, yeah...it hurt so good. And also some bad. So much meat in so little time.

The Best Burgers in Philadelphia

@TheSecretChef, we had the burger at Royal Tavern...we were seriously unimpressed with the patty. Even assuming you've had fantastic burgers there, if it's that inconsistent (I've been more than once), it doesn't belong on this list. Sorry to disappoint.

The Best Burgers in Philadelphia

For those mentioning Village Whiskey, I was very disappointed with their burgers. They seem to have taken a dive—their burgers used to be wide, juicy, and incredibly delicious (I honestly thought they'd be at the top of our list). But we ordered 3 of the course of our weekend and they seemed to be coming out of an entirely different kitchen—weirdly tall and narrow, overcooked, and dry. I wouldn't go back for a burger unless they changed up the kitchen staff. That said, their short rib fries are insanely delicious and I'd eat them anytime. Good Dog and Sketch just didn't do it for us. We didn't make it to PYT, mainly because our research lead us to believe their burgers are more about the bun/toppings shtick. I'll be sure to check them out the next time I'm in Philly, though, especially if more people chime in on their behalf. This is a living list!

Weekend Recap: This Week on Serious Eats

@phillyrulezo4, yes we did. We'll hopefully have a photo of our winner and an official annoncement in the next This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters.

Planet Meatball: 20 Meatball Varieties Around the World

Sorry folks, blame the editor! (me)

25 Game Day Snacks to Feed a Team

@Ohenn, @NinaP sorry about that. Clearly not the most football watchingest editor. Fixing now!

The Secrets of the Juiciest, Most Tender and Flavorful Italian-American Meatballs

Oh, don't you worry @josh mandel. I'm coming for those matzo balls this Passover. Myths, prepare to be busted!

Classic Fresh Egg Pasta

@sourdough, sorry to hear that you had trouble. Feel free to shoot me an email and I can help you troubleshoot...I've made this recipe successfully so many times that my guess is that something went awry. Niki@seriouseats.com

Classic Fresh Egg Pasta

@GPOEBurger, glad to hear it! I have to do more flour tests, but I'll get back to you when I have a real answer instead of just a guess.

The Science of the Best Fresh Pasta

@Ardor, don't doubt my level of crazy. fwiw, I always use large eggs (as do almost all recipe developers/testers), and they're pretty consistent across the board. Then again, I have this ongoing suspicion that my supermarket changes out eggs with whatever's on hand when they break in the carton and/or that they reuse the organic boxes and fill them with non-organic eggs to make more $$. CONSPIRACY.

@canyongal, you can use the food processor, but I'd still recommend doing at least 3-5 minutes of hand kneading, even once the food processor has helped it form a ball.

@Dan O, I almost always use eggs straight out of the fridge. So...oops! My pasta's fine and yours will be too. That said, I'll try a side-by-side just to assuage my newfound concern that I've been doing it all wrong all along.

The Science of the Best Fresh Pasta

@VVeganWithaYoYo, you know who would be a GREAT candidate for this project? There's this guy who does this whole vegan month. His name is J. Kenji something or other. AHEM. Paging The Food Lab. Important pasta work to be done in the month of February!

Classic Fresh Egg Pasta

@marina, you're saying this dough is too tough and elastic to roll out? I'd recommend resting it for a longer period of time. If it becomes too hard to keep rolling in one go, cover it with a towel and a large mixing bowl to maintain moisture and let it rest before continuing. Rolling by hand as opposed to a machine is a very different project and will develop gluten differently. You'll need to let it rest more or it will be way too elastic.

12 Hearty Main Dish Salads to Ring in the New Year

Sorry about that! should be fixed now.

The Science of the Best Fresh Pasta

@Marco, thanks for the suggestions. For this post, I wanted to provide people with an accessible, simple way to make fresh pasta with nothing more than eggs and AP flour, since few people have semolina in their pantries. But as I do further testing, I'll definitely bring in different combinations of flours!

Brooklyn on Parade at New York City Wine and Food Festival's Brooklyn's Backyard

Skylight One Hanson was brimming with some serious borough pride this weekend at New York Food and Wine Festival's Brooklyn's Backyard event. 28 local chefs turned out to deliver signature bites to the hungry crowd, serving up everything from spicy lemongrass chicken larb to fudgy ice cream sandwiches. Here's our look at some choice bites from the night,=. More

Lobster Roll Rumble: 19 Lobster Rolls We Ate Last Night

If you're a lobster, you should be pretty nervous around this time of year when TastingTable throws its annual Lobster Roll Rumble. Many pounds of lobster were consumed last night—boatloads, in fact, and that really isn't an exaggeration in this case. Lobster shacks and restaurants from across the country participated to show off their versions of the lobster roll. See all 19 that we ate! More