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The Food Lab: How to Make New York's Finest Sicilian Pizza at Home

I was the person that Google'd 'Blender Scales'. I thought the scales double as a blender in the the image :(

Cook the Book: 'The Catch'

Good old battered fish and chips. It's a simple but satisfying dish.

Huevos Rancheros With Broiled Tomato Salsa

This was awesome! Don't care about it ethnicity.

American Breakfast roll Sausage

Hey! The sausages taste pretty close. Wee tweak here and there. I used pork shoulder. The sausages are a bit tough. Any suggestions on how to fix that?

American Breakfast roll Sausage

Whoa! Didn't expect to get this many replies and didn't get any notifications and forgot to check back in. Thanks!

@lorenzo Your powers of deduction are amazing! It's NY I usually visit and they are patties.

Does that mean I should use the Kutas recipe?

Pulled Pork

I've not got a smoker and I know not making it in a smoker will make it lose it edge but can you do this in an oven?

Basic New York-Style Pizza Dough

I'm making this bad boy tonight! What sauce would you recommend for it? Trying to create NYC pizza in Glasgow is tricky :(

For my NY Peeps - Needs local places to eat

Thanks everyone! I'm now in NYC and starting to work through the list :)

For my NY Peeps - Needs local places to eat

@korovka and @kathryn thanks for your help!

...I ate in island burgers 12 years ago, is it still as good?

For my NY Peeps - Needs local places to eat

@freets Yeh, I've read it. The places they aren't necessary local to the place I'm staying.

@eliselaurel this might be doable! :)

Oversized soft drinks to be banned in N.Y.C...

Do they still sell the Super Size meals in the US? They stopped it in the UK and I don't actually miss them. It was a total impulse thing.

Greek-American Lamb Gyros

@dsloth - cheers! I was pretty sure I could use the Indian bread now you've confirmed it :)

Greek-American Lamb Gyros

I live in Scotland and I really like Gryos (though haven't had one in years because we don't get them here), they seem like a healthier version of the donna kebab...not sure if it's true but I like to think it is.

I've never seen the type of bread they use for gyros in Scotland, the closest is nanbread. It'd be good to get a recipe for the bread so I don't need to travel 3000 miles to eat a gyro again :)