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Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Camp Bacon Gift Box

in boeuf bourguignon!

Pasta and Beef 'Goulash'

I grew up eating something like this and it was called goulash, too. Being Hungarian and looking back at the "goulash" we were eating, it should have been illegal! haha. Traditional goulash (spelled gulyás in Hungarian) is a soup.. there is nothing thick and stew-ish about it! I actually made a post about goulash back in July, check it out!

A Sandwich a Day: The Original Al's #1 Italian Beef Combo in Chicago

Al's is great, but I think Pop's on the south-side is so much better!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Belle Farms Foie Gras

I've honestly never had the opportunity to have duck before. I've read that it's naturally a very fatty meat.. so it must taste absolutely amazing!

Concord Grapes... what do do with them all.. and recipes?

Hi Everyone!
I'm an avid follower of Serious Eats and this is the first time I'm coming to the site with questions.

A friend of mine has several very large Concord grape vines growing in her backyard, and she has offered I take as many grapes as I want when they're ready to harvest. I'm guessing they'll be ready sometime around August or September.

My first question is: What is an easy fail-proof recipe to make jam or jelly with fresh Concord grapes?

My second question: Is there anything else I can do with Concord grapes, other than jams and jellies? It'd be a shame to waste the bushels and bushels of grapes that she's going to have available, when they're ready.

Thanks! :)

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