Mystery Kitchen Gadget!

It doesn't look like that, but it does look like some of the other omelette makers on Google! And each looks like it would perfectly house a one-egg omelette, shaped like a seashell. How precious.

Movie theater food: what's your favorite and are you a smuggler?

I definitely smuggle, but I probably wouldn't if there were anything I actually wanted to eat at the movie theatre concessions. An ex boyfriend started me on having teriyaki beef jerky and the triple-x vitamin water (the one with the black label, so delicious) during movies and I have been doing it ever since. I've even got my current boyfriend hooked on it!

Mystery Kitchen Gadget!

Hey everyone! I was wondering if someone could help me out with identifying this thing I bought at a yard sale. Presumably it is some sort of kitchen gadget because it was sorted with the pots and pans, but the people running the sale confessed to not knowing exactly what it is, either.

I'll try to keep the description as un-confusing as possible, but no guarantees: It is comprised of a metal top and bottom, hinged together, that opens and closes like a book via two relatively long handle. The metal part is actually two molds (shells). The device is not unlike a stovetop waffle iron, except the base is metal and shell shaped as opposed to waffle shaped. Does anyone have any idea what this thing might be?

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