I live the homesteading life in Nicaragua, raising ducks, growing vegetables, and enjoying a quieter and simpler lifestyle.

  • Location: Nicaragua
  • Favorite foods: Duck, shrimp, okra...and anything fried.
  • Last bite on earth: Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast king crab and a jug of melted butter.

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Best Cheese(s) For Duck Pizza?

Well, I've made a slew of pizzas and have found my favorite duck one! There's a couple here in Nicaragua that raise bees and their honey is incredible. I used the "poro poro y mango" in my crust, the sauce was a homemade boursin cheese (cream cheese-like and real garlicky), added onions and peppers, and tomatoes from the garden, then slices of homemade duck kielbasa, some ground Barcelona-style pork sausage that we make, and thin slices of duck breast that were sauteed in duck fat/sea salt...and finally topped it with just a sprinkling of blue cheese, then lots of Manchego cheese.

Best Cheese(s) For Duck Pizza?

Thanks for all y'alls suggestions! I'll pick up several of them the next time I'm in the "big city", Managua, as that's the only place to get "real" cheese in this Latin American country. I guess I should also try experimenting with some of the fresh local stuff, although there's not much flavor to them.

My Backyard Pizza Oven--I built it myself!

Very nice oven! I know your hard work is paying off with lots of tasty food!


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