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The Serious Eats Guide To Pizza In Naples

GREAT article. Takes me right back there. Fun to read too!
And thanks for using my pic of Mattozzi ! :)
Great food there!
Yes Starita is EXCELLENT!
Side note...da michele really is absolutely amazing.
Gianluca Rottura

Restoring Our Church of Pizza: The Rebuilding and Repairing of Totonno's After Hurricane Sandy

so sad. my heart goes out to them and all who have suffered.
we need legends like them to continue!

Paulie Gee to Open a Baltimore Location with 'Pizzablogger'

i barely check the site and i just happened to now and LOOK at THIS!!
CONGRATS !! I am happy for you and pizzablogger.
You are younger at heart than almost everyone else!

Pizza Obsessives: Pizzablogger, Raw and (Mostly) Uncensored

hahah GREAT article !

Poll: Fried Pizza, Way or No Way?

Fried pizza is one of the most traditional Neapolitan things period. the actual "montanara" is not as big as it used to...but frying dough is as old as time itself. Unfortunately, it has been getting out of control here in the States and it will make people hate it because it will be cheapened. I don't know why things have to "explode" onto the food scenes. We are ruining food.

'The best pizza is the one that you like, not the one I tell you to like'

I ALWAYS Liked this guy.
I think he's brilliant and no matter how long he's in Arizona, I , as a fellow New Yorker, always hear the New York in him. And I LOVE It.
He's a smart guy who I would like to meet.

Video: Don Antonio by Starita

Awesome video !
Adam, you must host more of these videos !
Don Antonio is great and pretty soon Giorgia will be better than Roberto !
Watch out !!!

Pizza Preview: Don Antonio in Midtown Manhattan

Don Antonio, like the father restaurants (Keste' and Starita) is AWESOME! I see a great future for it. Having been to all 3, I could not be happier, as some of the best pizzas around are being made at more places ! Can't wait for a 4th restaurant !
Make me a partner and I will EAT all your profits !
Auguri !

Daily Slice: Focaccia at Eataly, NYC

AWESOME article Aaron !
I always loved your writing !
Long time no see!

Seattle: Cornuto Pizzeria

Great name!
pizza looks great too!

Would You Hire This Man?

way to go paulie !!!!


What to Expect at a Neapolitan Pizzeria

the pizza you ate was pizza a metro
as mentioned on my site
the pizza sight that has women undressing and guys paying money :P
i wrote:


Pizza Al Taglio Pizza Al Trancio Pizza Al Libretto Pizza a Metro Pizza Bianca Pizzolo Pissaldiera Sicilian
Sfincione Pizzetta Pizza e Fuie Focaccia New York Style Chicago Style California Style Grilled Pizza
TarteFlambee Greek Pizza Lahmacun (Turkish) Vermont St. Louis Pizza New Haven Pizza Hawaiian Pizza
True Pizza is Neapolitan. Pizza from the nearby city of Salerno is 99% identical to the Neapolitans, but I would say they are slightly more cooked. All other pizzas are different styles, created either as a failed copy of the original or an intentional spin.

Pizza Al Taglio (Pizza by the cut—found mostly in Rome, Italy)
While Neapolitans will never consider this pizza, Roman Pizza is still very good if viewed as a variation. The typical Roman Pizza can be cooked in either wood fired ovens or even electric ovens. The pizza is made into long rectangular shapes and the customer is asked how much they would like, while the pizza maker cuts the requested size off with a scissor. The pizza is weighed on a scale and charged by weight. Sometimes the pizzas are cut, folded on top of each other similar to a sandwich, and slipped into a napkin pocket usually made of paper. Pizze Al Taglio are usually Take Away products.
In Rome, you can also find pizzas made whole and round as found in Naples, however these can never be as good as the true pizzas and are generally thinner and crispier. In Rome, Pizza Napoletana is made with tomatoes, mozzarella, and anchovies and oddly can be called Pizza alla Romana in Naples.

Pizza Al Trancio
Pizza Al Trancio is essentially the same as Pizza Al Taglio and means “by the slice”. Usually, Pizze Al Trancio are not as thin as the Roman Pizza Al Taglio and can be slightly fluffier.

Pizza Al Libretto (Al Portafoglio)
Similar to Pizza al Taglio, in that the square or rectangular shaped pizza is cut and the pieces are folded on top of each other resembling a sandwich or in this case a “libretto” (little book) or “portafoglio” (wallet).

Pizza a Metro (Pizza alla Pala)
Pizza “by the meter” is a very long, rectangular pizza with rounded edges that is similar to Pizza Al Taglio except it is cooked on the floor of a wood fired oven and not in a pan. It can also be called Pizza alla Pala and is popular on the Sorrento Peninsula. The word “Pala” means pizza peel, the flat wooden or metal board with a long handle that is used to slide pizzas in and out of the oven.

they actually make this pizza at Numero 28 in new york, if you live here..check it's great

@adam kuban
hahah with leaking the fluid....i actually NEVER liked folding the round pizza that way...not because it ever leaks but cuz it's not enjoyable..the reason it is not enjoyable is to make it NOT leak you have to fold it twice, til it looks like a triangle, THEN eat the crust (cornicione) FIRST...
if you eat the triangle tip first, it's gonna ruin your clothes


Professors of Neapolitan Pizza to Open Don Antonio in Hell's Kitchen

Roberto AND Starita...this is gonna be MEGA...

AUGURI....the more the merrier!!!!

I cannot wait!!!
I have been taking a pizza hiatus...severe intestinal infection
and i am allergic to dairy and mild allergy to wheat
i have been avoiding it lately but i WILL go there AS SOON AS IT OPENS!!!


Forcella: Yeah, You Kinda Need to Get Here

great article....
as a side note it is Montanara without the " g "

and as another side note, check my article right here on slice I wrote on Montanara 2 years ago, from Starita pizzeria in Naples


Scott's Pizza Chronicles: Sicilian Pizza vs Pizza in Sicily're the BEST.
great article !


Pizza Obsessives: Meredith Smith, Slice Editor

Hey Meredith,
Yes I thought Brook Shields RIGHT AWAY!
SO, I used to send Adam a few articles. Especially from my trips to Italy.
Anyway, so I am going to Italy again and hope to send you some articles when I get back :)
Where should I send them?

Nice meeting you :)

So Long, Folks (and See You Next Week)

do not leave!?!?!
this is sad.

Pizza Obsessives: Adam Kuban, Slice Founder

Great (self) Interview


Poll: Do You Judge People When They Like Obviously Inferior Pizza?

if they are arrogant about their ignorance,
then yes.


Go Behind the Scenes at San Francisco's Pizzeria Delfina

awesome video
and awesome place

the line about smelling like "yeast"
made me think of mangieri telling me a few times the pizza should NOT have any notes of yeast.
since they're both in sf, let the battle begin :) just kidding about the battle


The No. 1 Pizza in NYC

April fool's.....come on!!!
don't ever joke around like this. EVER AGAIN

Watch this Great Video Shot at Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in Naples


I wish everyone would understand Italian, cuz some nice things were said.
For me, it felt warm to hear the Neapolitan accent slip in a lot.
Anyway, he recalls many cases where customers who never met, sit together and when it comes time to pay, they try to offer to pay for each other as guests. It's really sweet

I heard so many cliches about da michele
I always went to the smaller name pizzerias but when I finally hit
Da Michele, i can say without a doubt it was one of the best THINGS I have ever eaten.
There was an article about Da Michele written a year ago on Slice by this strikingly handsome Hulk-like man with a hairy chest.
check it out

the loose puree' thing
he mentioned it...he said he gets tomatoes made just for them..which btw just means private label, i am sure,..meaning others prob do get the same tomatoes...
anyway...he gets tomatoes with the least amount of water in them so he can throw in the whole can, without worrying


Santa Monica Man Goes from Home-Pizza Joe to Pizza Pro

ahhh ok
Thanks Again !!!!!
when it comes to abbreviations, technology, and golf..i am clueless !!



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