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Winter: What's it good for?

Eggnog poundcake and braised short ribs-in that order

Food-related new year resolutions

To try and make all recipes from beginning to the end Pasta-make fresh. Chicken stock-make it. And let my garden grow. For Christmas I am building my wife 6 new raised beds for a total of 8. Got dirt?

Best. Restaurant. In. New. Jersey.

It would be so hard to pick one. I would need to categorize.
Meat: steak on a stone in the iron bound-not the real name but this is how everybody knows it
Fish: halibut at the Montville inn
Sushi: Asahi, manasquan
Pasta: Due Terre Enoteca, bernardsville
New favorite: Uproot, Warren

What is your favorite chili recipe?

Turkey chili with black bean and corn. I will look for the recipe

Bean soup?

@Aya Kristen Alt I agree, but do use carrots? I always liked carrots in with mine

What would you put on a Cafe Menu?

I am a huge breakfast fan. There is/was a small breakfast place in Manchester VT. The Little Rooster (I think that was the name) They had multi-grain waffles with a fresh fruit compote. I have been looking for those for a long time in my area. As for eggs, farm fresh Mexican style for me with a little spice.

I found THE cooking app

A few months ago I asked if you guys- as I am new to this- for any advice of sites that you know of. A few people gave a few good sites, some I had found, others I hadn't. Since then I have been scanning my iPad for new releases and wanted to share with you what I found.

What do you do with leftover sushi?

If you have left over sushi all that means is you didn't have enough sake!

San Francisco recommendations!

Ebisu it's on 9th and Irving if I remember correctly. Japan town has great Korean BBQ. Honestly just walk around you will find it all. South of Market at night for Mexican is awesome.

Are there ANY good cooking pod-casts out there??

It's 4:99 on iTunes an app for the iPad called TheEyeChef Date Night Edition. It helps

How about a Serious Eats Convention?

New guy here, what would it take to pull this off? Sounds like a tremendous idea. Could there be a recipe submission and have everyone choose what should be cooked there with some friendly judging?

Leeks in Stock?

I love going to the farmers market and getting leeks for .50 each and then going to kings or stop and shop and getting a smaller leek for 5x the price. Any ideas about growing your own leeks? What soil? Sun or shade? I love the leek, stock, soup or braised

How far can you make Mashed Potatoes ahead?

1. If you overcook your potatoes your done-thats the trick folks and cook your potatoes in large chunks a 4-5" potato should be peeled cut in half the long way and cut into 3 pcs each side
2. Add room temp unsalted butter to your potatoes while you rice
3. Use a little heavy cream, kosher salt and ground white pepper
4. To reheat add a touch more heavy cream and a pad or 10...of butter

If you do this it won't matter how far ahead you make them and they will be delicious

Cook the Book: Deviled Eggs with Smoked Salmon

Had dinner the other night in NJ and had Fried Deviled Eggs. Yeah they were delicious

Food tax are you for it or against it?

Taxes kill, Education is key. Kids who learn to cook for fun will always think its fun. For all schools to incorporate cooking as a class starting at an early age would inspire an entire generation to be aware of what they are putting in there bodies. For the record I do not want to plant the seed in kids heads that skinny is beautiful, I want healthy is beautiful. Looking at food as an adventure rather than a chore. The 100mill that was just donated to Newark NJ-could you think of a better place to start? From school it continues at home. With the diversity in schools todays we can teach each other about who we are through the food we eat and why. As far as cost goes, Mexican, Thai, Italian can be prepared at low costs as well as many others. We don't need to tax we need to teach-and no I am not a teacher

ipad apps for cooking

Still looking for the videos. I have tried a few different recipes but would feel more confident with video.
Thanks all

ipad apps for cooking

Thanks Toddlessness this should help. I am going to try a few of the recipes this week. I'll let you know how it works and which one works

Help with homemade ravioli!

Try using wonton wrappers as the pasta. A lot of chefs use them for there consistency and they come out great. People you serve them to will never now the difference.

ipad apps for cooking

Thanks for the feedback. If I find something good I'll pass it on.


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