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AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

I'd serve them at my annual bbq for my patients who have beaten cancer. They deserve the best of the best!

Win VIP Tickets to the Sweetlife Festival on April 28

and then Jens Lekman's a sweet summers night on hammer hill

Life of a Food Stylist: In Which I'm a Crazy Bag Lady

Hey now! I'm sherpa/assistant material! Pick me Pick me!

Video: How to Kill a Squirrel and Eat It

Excerpt from an interview with Daniel Klein:

BAB: I hear that Mirra, your vegetarian girlfriend and videographer will be blogging to document your journey in addition to shooting the segments. You say she will provide a vegetarian perspective to the experience -- what does that mean? Why do you want to include this POV?

Daniel: Mirra will be blogging. She’s always been a part of the project, though very behind the scenes. But she is a funny writer with a very different POV from my own (when it comes to food). We say she will bring a vegetarian perspective, but really she will just bring her own thoughts to the project, they just happen to be vegetarian. That means when I am excited about some meat, or discussing the morality of killing an animal, she may have something different to say. It won’t all be serious of course, I expect her to make fun of me often.

The show is very much about connecting people to their food and making them think about it. We are learning and don’t know the answers, so by having two very different food perspectives, we are playing to that concept of dialogue and reason. Also, the first episode turned Mirra into a vegetarian -- it may do the same to others -- and that’s ok. The more folks are conscious about what they eat, the better.

Video: How to Kill a Squirrel and Eat It

ok problem. I'll put my opinion to rest--even though no one has, of course, addressed my question in my last post. I'm neither vegetarian nor vegan--just someone who would have much rather preferred an article on the topic, a recipe, even a series of pictures that just omitted the parts where the squirrel laid suffering on the ground, or his/her flesh was burning. Maybe thats the line that separates me from all if you. I'm not trying to convince others to share my viewpoint or suggest that theirs is not valid--I'm just imparting mine like so many others have done in similar posts. I'm not certain why people keep proclaiming the 'Dont like it, dont watch it' slogan. I thought I had already made it clear that my watching it was a mere attempt at fully educating myself on the topic before I formed an opinion. Nevertheless, I'll learn from your 'suggestions' and just go from there.

Nerdy Urbanite

Video: How to Kill a Squirrel and Eat It

Ok Cornballer, you've done a fantastic job 'recapping' based on your own perceptions. Good for you. I was going to post my opinion about this video just based on the title, but decided to at least watch it first to be fully informed before I imparted my we all do once we hit the comment hyperlink. I'm sorry that yours do not match mine, however you do not need to make it your mission to essentially degrade mine. If someone posted a video of a rabbit running through the lawn and being shot, then laying there--still alive and suffering--would that be ok with all of you? If so, then this is not the place for me.

To the SE staff: I meant your site no disrespect

Video: How to Kill a Squirrel and Eat It

and for sake of problem is really in watching a video that shows a lifeless animal falling from a tree and seizeing on the ground. To me that seems unnecessary and truly questions the integrity of this site.

Video: How to Kill a Squirrel and Eat It

Thanks for your commentary cornballer. Your brilliant use of sarcasm and condescension have truly reaffirmed my faith in this site. Well, I guess you could’ve not inserted your rude opinion where it wasn’t solicited. But that’s just my crazy talk, I guess.

Video: How to Kill a Squirrel and Eat It

I agree with ImmLisa. Please spare us any videos inflicting harm on any living creature. I'm not a vegan hipster lunatic(no offense to any out there) but just a sensitive animal lover who would prefer not to be 'scared' to open any posts/videos/discussion on a site that I frequent multiple times a day.

Cook the Book: Quick and Easy Korean Cooking

kimchi in every form added to almost anything especially burgers. but as far as an actual korean dish---kim bop, bulgogi bbq, bibimbop....i could eat them daily and im italian!

Daily Slice: Eggplant Slice at Rosa's Pizza, Middle Village, Queens

you have to try the grandma slice. my brother comes back from Boston and its all he requests.

SE South Beach Diet Recommendations

Can I just move in and have you cook for me? What great suggestions! :)

SE South Beach Diet Recommendations

Thanks for all the tips! CJ McD thats so funny you mentioned Kalyns blog and I probably printed ten recipes from her last night! I'm pretty confident dinner is going to be the easiest for me because I can actually take the time to prepare my food, season, etc. Breakfast seems like I'm going to be making a few egg casseroles and the like, but I keep getting hung up on lunch. I work in cancer research in a large hospital in nyc and its hard for me to bring lunch with me and if/when I do (and i always try to for my wallets sake) its hard to find a place to heat it up/store it in a fridge when I'm constantly running between the OR/clinic/my office. Any suggestions for some SB friendly lunches that arent just rolled up turkey slices :/

sidenote: I stay away from cheese bc I'm a slave to the lactaid pills (i know i know, its horrible)

Win Tickets to Three-Course Beer Dinner With Edible Manhattan

In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie when everyone is eating NY Pizza!

Korilla Food Truck

no worries pavlov...have a great day

Korilla Food Truck

Hey, yes I am legit and thanks apikoros for the recomendation! I'm going to check it out today!

Leftover ground beef...need a good burger recipe..

thanks for your thoughts. any handy recipe for some red potatoes as a side?


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