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Quick and Easy Pressure Cooker Black Beans With Chorizo

This should work with all electric pressure cookers I've seen (volume-wise) since there won't be much displacement from the beans or aromatics.

Going to try tonight, albeit with small red beans since I have those already.

Quick and Easy Pressure-Cooker Chicken and Black Bean Stew

@VeganWithaYoYo - I would heat the tofu through separately so that it crisps up with texture so that you could mix it back through and let it warm like Kenji does with the shredded chicken.

Dim Sum Classics: Braised Chicken Feet (Phoenix Claws)

@Shao - Any thoughts on letting them cool down and dry off after the braise, to then lightly bread and re-fry chicken wing style?

Curry Potato Soup

I think Massaman or Yellow Curry would be the best for potatoes. Par boil them, cut into the size you like and then finish cooking it in the curried soup.

Lamb Bolognese from 'Family Table'

@Scalfin - Maybe some white loaf (crust removed) soaked in water so that it starts to fall apart instead of milk?

Charles Phan's Black Bean-Glazed Pork Spareribs

This is awesome. Steamed spare ribs are one of my favorite dim sum and all of the Asian grocery stores in my area are Vietnamese.

On my short list for Super Bowl recipes and hopefully I'm in the running to win the book!

What Beer Is Right For A Wedding?

I'm getting married in December and we're getting a couple of kegs of Cigar City beer (close by in Tampa). Most likely their Maduro brown ale and Hotter Than Helles lager in addition to wine. Figure those styles will go best with most any food.

Passover Recipes We Love

I made gefilte fish from scratch with my grandfather a few years ago. Very expensive (getting whitefish and pike (or carp)), cleaning extremely hot fish which then took somewhere north of 4 hours to cook and make.

In the end it tasted just like gefilte fish from the jar, just a tiny bit better ;)

5 pounds of Mangalitsa Pork fat - What to do?

How does one make lardo?

I'm in Florida and don't have a wine fridge as I've heard those things are bad (our weather) and useful (small temp controlled space).

Do You Have A Weird Pizza Eating Habit?

I like it really crispy or cold right out of the fridge. From the fridge, I put kim chi on it or sriracha.

Spice Hunting: Drying Chiles at Home

I grew jalapenos once and dried them with a dehydrator. Ground them with a coffee grinder with the seeds and got an explosively hot chile powder.

How To Grill a Gigantic Rib-Eye Steak

The salt is really important to grilling. I've found that large flake sea salt is much better than anything fine and when in doubt, add some extra since a decent amount will come off on the grates. It's best to apply the salt and then give it a decent push in with the heel of your palm instead of just sprinkling it on and then grilling.

Another trick for those who have thicker, cast iron grill grates is to use a clean scouring pad and use it to apply salt to the grates.

Sichuan Chicken with Peppercorns and Chile

@Leejay - I would do it just after frying the hot chillies and before the green pepper. Only for a few seconds so neither burns.

Chocolate Peppermint Bar Cookies

Yup, making these tomorrow night.

Anyone here doing home made food gifts for Hanukkah, Christmas, {Your Holiday} this year? What have you been or what will you be making?

The United States of Pizza: Florida

@bkhuna - Give Anthony's Coal Fired a try. There's a location on Sand Lake and I believe at least one more opening soon.

Recap: Top Chef DC Finale, And The Winner Is...

I dug this review immensely. Now apologize to them all since Yom Kippur starts tomorrow.

Cook the Book: 'Planet Barbecue!'

Saturday is the first tailgate of the year and I'm trying different kinds of kebabs/skewers each weekend.

This time around I'm going with chicken yakitori and whatever veg I find at the farmers market. All goes well with Sam Adams Octoberfest.

The Secret Ingredient (Za'atar): Za'atar Fried Chicken

That Za'taar looks made from very fresh, possibly untoasted spices instead of the dry version usually found. Can you confirm which is in the picture and which you used in the recipe?

The Nasty Bits: How to Make Chicharrones

@kenji - Do you have an instructional or post about roasting a pig? I'm going to do one in the next few months and am considering using the following guide which uses a stationary frame to roast in. I want to ensure I get a quality result the first time.

The chicarrones method is a revelation. The Colombian bakery near me does them in about 8" strips with meat and skin, chopped so that the meat is in chunks, but still attached. Served with a plain arepa.

Is there one thing you *must* order if you see it on a menu?

I'm not a big dessert guy, but creme brulee or key lime pie get an instant nod.

And for dinner, I love greens and offal.

The Nasty Bits: Deep-Fried Pig's Ears

The travesties and injustices perpetrated by the writers of a free website shall not go unsomethinged. In between recipes for an omelet, squash soup, kimchi and spaghetti, this one was worth bitching about?

I'm glad we've got a stream of recipes like this coming. Far better for a link to this get passed around and folks learn about something new than to wait years and years till a crappy chain restaurant manages to appropriate it.