Jazz singer. Torch songs, classic jazz and sensational standards! Love to eat and read about food for a calorie free treat!

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  • Location: Santa Barbara, CA
  • Favorite foods: Guacamole, Banh mi, red velvet cake, mac and cheese, barbecue, mostly earthy stuff! Just getting into wine after being a teetotaler.
  • Last bite on earth: Guacamole and fresh, hot chips!

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Chocolate Peanut Pie

I knew it. You have to make your own peanut butter.

Filipino Spaghetti Sauce

Thanks for the info bloodsugar! I guess Jollibee serves this kind of spaghetti in their restaurants. My niece, who has never been to the Philippines, found it very tasty! :-)

Filipino Spaghetti Sauce

Hot dogs?? I grew up in the PI and we make it with Spam, no other meat. Plenty of garlic that's been fried. For sauce, bottled Ragu works great. Then I swirl in cream cheese. Sound weird? Everybody I serve it too asks for seconds and thirds.

Ed Levine's 24 Hours in New Orleans

Oh c'mon. Willie Mae's is delightful for the atmosphere and the service, but the chicken..eww. Even the locals (who had never been before) sharing our table didn't like it.

Burger City Guides: Donald Link's Favorite Burgers in New Orleans

It's a chain but New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood's burgers (and the garlic herb fries served with them) are pretty dang good.

Some, But Not All, of the Best French Fries in America

In and Out? Yeah they are really unremarkable. What's wrong with McDonalds? They are GOOD!