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Snowball Cookies - A Mystery to Me

thanks - I'll give that a try. Happy Holidays to you!

Salmon and Stracchino Rolls

Wow! I love the presentation and combo of cheese/salmon. I will be making these soon for my seafood fest wine dinner I'm hosting here, June 9.

Any oyster shuckers out there?

Unshucked are usually thrown on the barbeque and by the time they open they are way overcooked. I prefer shucked and then I am free to cook'um anyway I like. Besides, up where I live, where a great number of the world's oysters come from, we are now allowed to take oyster shells from the beach. Our native oysters are not farmed and the shells usually carry the "seeds" of many generations of oysters to come...

Dinner Clubs

I started a wine tasting/dinner club aptly named The Bacchanals. We have 4 couples that meet each quarter. Once a month would be WAY TOO MUCH togetherness for us! Each couple hosts at their home, gets to choose the theme or menu, and then sends out wine assignments for each course. We have found that 8 is the perfect number to cook and set a table for. When we started, my friend Kathy picked one couple they knew and I picked a couple. That made it much more comforatble because everyone had another couple they already knew. Next weekend is ours to host and I am having a seafood fest. Everything must be homemade and dinners are getting quite elegant. I will be sending out the menu and wine assignments soon!! We have been meeting for over 5 years.

Al fresco season is here: do you prefer eating in or out?

My husband and I are currently in Rome, and dining al fresco is definitely preferred! What's better than eating Italian food and drinking good wine, with the constant flow of humanity providing the show!

Garnishing...yes, it is an art.

Thanks to all of you for your very helpful comments. I am loving this cyber community of food lovers!

Gourmet Spring Delicacy Available In Venice, Italy; Castraura

We will be in Venice in April. Not so sure I'm interested in Castruara, but am interested in tips about where to head in Venice to find for some reasonably priced, tasty food away from the tourist trap resturants.

Cooking fears?

What a hoot! I chuckled constantly reading responses. Especially the response about the self-cleaning oven!

For me, I would say pastry of any kind. Fear is not my nemesis....its just.... why bother??? I can buy pastries that are so much better than anything I could conjur. Feel the same way about growing vegetables. That's what the grocery store is for.

time for turkey in the freezer

I would say 2 months max. If you are talk'in turkey your have purchased already frozen, it should say on the packaging. If you are talk'in turkey that you have purchased fresh, then I'd say 2 months, depending on how you are packaging for freezer. If you're talk'in turkey that you've cooked and are saving leftover, again, I'd say 2 months. Try using a vacuum sealer for your leftovers, or fresh stuff you want to freeze.

Your favorite bacon

God - it's like the 60's again when everyone asked what your astrological sign, it's bacon??

Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

My daughter-in-laws Bohemian family has added saurkraut with dumplings to our Thanksgiving regulars. That being said, I found out the reason they are so good is because mom uses duck fat in them. However, it is amazing how well saurkraut pairs with turkey!

Not your mom's thanksgiving turkey

So, where's the recipe? Can't see it in this topic thread!

Lunch Ideas for Our Annual Lake Getaway!

I really like the idea of the breaded chicken fingers. Found a similar recipe from Robin Miller, Quick Fix Recipes, using an oatmeal based breading. But the ground up taco chips is perfect for picnic/lunch food. Kids would indeed love it and grownups too!

Thanks to all of you for lots of good ideas!

Another reason why I don't like to dine out sometimes...

Gosh...I was was just worried about all the sodium that is used in restaurant food.

Seriously Asian: Chinese Sausage

Thanks for the Chinese sausage comments. They are a staple in my refrigerator because when you need them, you need them bad...for Chinese fried rices and Filipino dishes. They keep well - which is good because I don't use them too often. Worth the trip to your local Asian market.

Need a Rockin' Sockin' Recipe for this Crappy Weather Blues.

I agree with NWCajun. Cooking in this cold, damp weather is always enhanced by drinking copious amounts of wine! Being in Seattle, I've been making and vacuum sealing things I can put in the freezer (bolognese, soups, marinated chicken, etc) that I can pull out quickly when the weather finally behaves itself enough to get outdoors.

But I am going to try dmcavanaugh's pasta recipe tonight!

Help Me Feed My Father-In-Law

I'm always trying to cram more veggies down my husband's throat too. I like to shred carrots to add to meatloaf, salads, or muffins. Also, I like to keep Kirkland brand (Costco) canned roast beef and white chicken meat. I too, cook from scratch, but these come in real handy for such things as making a quick chicken noodle soup (with lots of veggies) and quesadillas with cheese, chicken and a few spinach or lettuce leaves tucked in.

Canned beef makes really good sandwiches or quesadillas. Good luck!


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