What do you put in macaroni salad?

My mother's recipe is the basic with mayo dressing (with a slosh of olive juice) however she always added chopped tomato and sliced olives which gives it a great tang. I still add chopped egg as well and it is quite tasty.

Kudos to the Pizza at Nino's on 46th!

Always good to have a bit of skepticism, however, I am sitting in my office right now far from NYC and I assure you that my review could not be less "fishy"!

Kudos to the Pizza at Nino's on 46th!

Over our recent 4 day visit, we visited several of the restaurants from the hundreds I had reviewed and all were a bit of a disappointment. We dropped into an unknown, Nino's on 46th between 5th and 6th and, of course, it was terrific! The brick oven, thin crust pizza had that perfect combo of great crust, sweet tomato sauce, and creamy cheese that is so easy to build but difficult to master. Even the chicken soup that we had to warm us was terrific; full of chicken breast in a flavorful, rich broth. Nino's is our only keeper!

Still Looking for Pizza Heaven???

As pizza enthusiasts, each time we visit NYC, we have been looking for a restaurant/pizzeria where we can sit down, have a drink, and enjoy a delicious pizza (preferably, NY style) and a nice salad in a decent ambiance at a reasonable price. Still looking! We have tried Lombardo's, Grimaldi's, John's, etc., but none were worth the wait. We do not want to stand while we eat so slice joints are out. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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