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A Few Not-So-Classic Ingredients Make a More Savory Shepherd's Pie

I make a version with ground lamb and then add chunks of braised beef short rib just to add texture. Also if you just add butter to the mashed potatoes and omit the cream/milk, it ends up with a MUCH better texture than when added to the recipe. Just my two cents. I guess mine would be called Sheppardage Pie.

Sicilian Pizza With Pepperoni and Spicy Tomato Sauce

@ TheGorramBattan. Kapow Batman! I think you are over thinking this. Some things don't need to be complicated.

We Made the Portal Cake: No Lie, It's Delicious

I attempted to make it but it just didn't work out. Something is very wrong with this recipe but I'm never gonna give up!!!

Want Better Spaghetti alle Vongole? Stop Packing It Full of Clamshells

No Parm your Vong? What a shame. Yeah I know the rule, "no cheese with seafood". But its honestly a dumb rule and one that I break every time eat pasta with clams. Its really really good and the parm just rounds out the flavor so perfectly. Another addition to this dish is crispy sopresatta. Uh mazing!!!!

Bake Better Bread With the Fourneau Oven

@ Gabriel Sanders. Yeah, when I saw the low dome top similar to a pizza oven and the thick iron top that can hold the high heat temperature well, I thought this can cook the bottom and the top simultaneously but the question is how big can the pizza be. Common Kenji, give us your two cents.

Bake Better Bread With the Fourneau Oven

@kenji. Curious what you think about using it as a mini pizza oven for making small pizzas? (leaving the door off when baking) I would think that hot radiant heat coming from the top would be a great advantage over just using a pizza stone/steel.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish Cakes: An Editor Says Farewell


A poem if I may. Arft bloder gumberter orglarftar gumbertere oymeted bortadard supomogag imfarddddar sonkeraraeer. Don't forget to take a towel. It will be very useful!!!!!

The Best Smokers Under $500, 2015 Edition

I have an offset smoker that I purchased about 7 years ago at lowes for $199. The metal is thin but not the thinnest I've seen and it does leak a little air in a few spots. With that said, I LOVE IT. It took a little time to learn how to build a good fire and keep the temp consistant . But it has preformed incredibly for me. I entered the best dam BBQ contest almost a year after I bought it and out of about 60 contestants my brisket took 7th and I took 12th overall. My ribs, pork but and chicken thighs were awesome as well. This was competing against people with serious rigs. So although you might have a few handicaps it isn't anything that can't be overcome if your willing to put in the time to learn your tools and craft. I would buy it again against all of the models you have listed and before you start talking poorly about cheap offsets, you might want to crack open your piggy bank and grab a couple of quarters and see what kind of magic you can create...

Cooking With Olive Oil: Should You Fry and Sear in It or Not?

I love to deep fry, sautee, poach/confit, sear in evoo. I have never had a problem doing this. My recipe for pizza sauce has you heat your evoo until it is smoking hard and add your pureed tomatoes at that point to sear the sauce a bit. It tastes fantastic. The only problem I have ever encountered has been when you place it in the blender at high speed. It just gets bitter and strong tasting. Just my 2 pennies.

The Secret to Great Coq au Vin? Lose the Coq

I was fortunate enough to spend some time as a stage at all of Daniels restaurants in New York and was very excited when I had the chance to work with the prep department on the day they were making the Coq au Vin. I had made (attempted)to make this dish a few times and never could get the breast to cook properly. It was always dry or when I tried to just finish the dish with the breast it did not develop that deep rich braised wine flavor. So we got to work and the ingredients start to come out of the walk-in and off we go. "Wait, were is the breast I asked?". You don't put breast in Coq au Vin was the chefs reply. It was amazing. I will try this recipe to see how it compares but you should take a trip to Café Boulud and do the same. Best Coq au Vin ever!!!

Where Do Wine Prices Come From?

" You might want to consider ordering wine by the bottle" from photograph above. Except maybe not from that restaurant. Who ever opened it had no idea how to open a bottle of wine.

A Basic Introduction to the Salty, Spicy World of Mexican Snacks

Talk about nostalgia. I grew up eating most of these. Some like takis weren't around yet but it's parents (Churitos ) were. They were deep fried thin dough strands about the length of takis but only about 1/8th of an inch thick with a deep brown color and hard crisp texture. They were sold in brown paper bags or clear plastic bags and you would squeeze lime juice and pour hot sauce all over them. Yummmm. Gansitos are the Mexican hostess cup cake/twinkie. I can here the tv jingle in my head as I type this. Mazapan, prob have eaten thousands of them. Pulparindo was fathered by fresh tamarind peeled and rolled in sugar, salt and chili powder. Or there were jaritas. Small clay jars that were filled with a blend of the previous ingredients and sold with a small wooden spoon to eat its contents. Carlos quintos chocolate was always in my aunts suit case when she visited from Mexico. It comes in a variety of flavors and the commercials main identity was a character that very much resembles the new burger king "king" with tights and a large head. There was also Turin chocolate my personal childhood favorite. There were so many more, chamoys, pico, dulce de leche ect. This thread was a great flux capasidor and I just travelled back to 1976.

The Wok Mon Converts Your Home Burner Into a Wok Range. For Real.

Have not read every comment so if someone else has beat me to this and there is a reply, sorry! Does that extremely high heat have any effect on the surface of the stove? Not that I care because I would go for functionality over aesthetics any day of the week but if my wife came home to her newly peeled paintless stove, wok cooker thingy gizmo. She would kill me and then go by a new stove but probably not in that order. Just curious.

An Open Letter to Serious Eaters

How very sad. Talk was one of my favorite things about serious eats. I love reading what sooo many of you have to say. Some were really interesting topics, some helpful and some…well, there were some interesting and helpful topics. It made it possible to quickly form some friendships with long time members and new members alike. I don't Tweet, FaceTime or instagram and have no intentions too. So I hope as the site grows and evolves it learns that somethings are best left as they are.

Counter top Combi Oven?

If your talking about a real "Combi" then I don't think any of the above replies will help you. I have two countertop rational Combi ovens and they are fantastic but they require a floor drain for the water/steam to have a place to be released. That is very expensive and in some cases just can't be done unless your will willing to do major construction in your home. I believe mielle also makes a more "home friendly" model, but I'm not sure of the specifics required to install it.

Il Mulino Upper East New York

Why didn't you call the manager to your table? I would have!

Cooking music

When I working at spago many years ago, the GM would blast the gypsy kings in the dining room. It was fun, upbeat and loud. I loved it then and still do to this day.

Sweet potato question

@zinnia1 yeah that makes common sense. Lets cut 3 different sweet potatoes into small pieces mix them all together and start to bake them. Then pull them off the pan 1 piece at a time. My original post stands. If they cook at the same time combine them, otherwise...

Food doesn't act like food anymore...

I was eating my steak dinner last night. You know. The way I always do on Fridays after yatzee and I turned my back for a split second and my steak bit me. My steaks have never done this in the past. Now I have to go to sleep with a vase for protection. And tomorrow I will purchase a fly swatter to shield me from all the radiation. Food is not what it used to be.

Sweet potato question

Not sure, but you can always roast ten in separate pans until they reach their desired doneness and then combine them to finish and serve.