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The Best of the Big Easy: 14 Great Bites in New Orleans

As a sweets lover, I have to say the beignets at Cafe du Monde were sub par. Maybe I had a bad batch, but they were really dense, not light and airy the way a beignet should be.

Check out SoBou. Delicious food and a fun environment. Domenica was also really great. Commander's palace brunch was very expensive, but excellent quality and service.

Win a Copy of 'The Big-Flavor Grill'

i really like a simple rub of salt and pepper - sometimes basting in butter for extra flavor

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Win a Copy of 'Salad Samurai'

Mixed green salad with walnut maple dressing and toasted breadcrumbs

Win a Copy of 'Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food'

I've always wanted to recreate duck confit with potatoes

Win a Copy of 'Paris Pastry Club'

banana pudding - good for a crowd, can be made ahead, super easy, and delicious!

Win a Copy of 'A Change of Appetite'

anything with avocado

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

I'd make a whole roasted chicken and a ribeye. All the colors are cool with me, but since I have my choice, I'll take black.

Win a Copy of 'Vibrant Food'

Rainier cherries

Enter to Win a Ham Independence Day Package From La Quercia

My boyfriend would go HAM for this package

Taste Test: Should I Use Filtered or Bottled Water for Tea?

@illone this entire site is about first world problems - it's about food. if you have a problem with it, you should probably look elsewhere.

Penne With Melted Vegetable Sauce

Ever tried this with sweet potatoes? I have everything on hand except the russets and have a bunch of sweet potatoes. Not sure they'll be starchy enough.

Cook the Book: 'The Homesick Texan's Family Table' by Lisa Fain

Bake the Book: A Lighter Way to Bake

Creme brulee or flan... most custardy desserts taste better when 'lightened'

Bake the Book: Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Desserts

A warm chocolate chip cookie

McConnell's Ice Cream is Expanding, and They've Nailed Their New Flavors

their turkish coffee flavor is amazing

Bake the Book: Ample Hills Creamery: Secrets and Stories from Brooklyn's Favorite Ice Cream Shop

Coffee or any variation thereof

Cook the Book: 'My Paris Kitchen' by David Lebovitz

Love his instagram posts... they make me miss Paris so much.

Cook the Book: 'Joy of Kosher' by Jamie Geller

my family makes kosher meals for every high holiday, though we don't keep kosher's mostly for the family that we invite over for our celebrations.

Bake the Book: Frenchie

Confit de canard

Bake the Book: First Prize Pies

Mincemeat pie. Never actually tried it but the name freaks me out.

Bake the Book: The Model Bakery Cookbook

Pastries of all sorts, plus some cakes and sandwiches for lunch

Roasted Chickpea and Kale Salad With Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette

This is my favorite way to eat chickpeas with the same spice and roasting method...also delicious with roasted veggies (like kale, broccoli, etc.) in the colder months.

Win Pop Chart Lab's 'Cooking Measurements Tea Towel'

mixed up teaspoon and tablespoon when measuring cayenne pepper in mac n' cheese for a bunch of guests. ouch!

Vegetable side dish for Friendsgiving?

I have the task of bringing a vegetable side dish for our second annual Friendsgiving celebration. Last year all the vegetable dishes were creamy, fatty, etc. so the host has for the vegetables to be somewhat healthy and light (green bean casserole will still make an appearance). There are three of us doing vegetables, one is making a brussels sprout slaw with cranberries and pecans, and the other is making a roasted vegetable couscous (which I assume will contain most winter veggies).

Any suggestions on what to make?

I don't want to overlap too much with the other dishes. I was thinking of a balsamic roasted squash with rosemary and goat cheese or something of that nature. Preferably a warm dish.


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