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8 Ways to Hack Your Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

Don't you knock it until you rock it!

This ain't shillin'. This is some good summer beverage fun. It's like a trashy beach read, except it's for a backyard BBQ. Besides, isn't a little innovation from Budweiser a good thing?

Chesapeake Crab Crackers

The Old Bay is implied here, right?

In Our Community Corner: Meet Erica Jacobs (aka: 'Teachertalk')

If this the TeacherTalk fan club, consider me a long-term member!

New York Penn Station

Pizza Suprema! 31st and 7th Ave. Worth the exit.

Or the Salumeria at 29th and 7th. Salami, egg, cheese, and heaven on a roll.

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Carey's Park Slope and Prospect Heights

I love this post, neighbor! :D And I absolutely agree with your recommendations.

Bergen Bagels is head-and-shoulders better than the Brooklyn Bagel Shop (Prospect & Vanderbilt). Joyce's baked goods win my heart every time, but there's some decent coffee at Sit and Wonder (St Marks & Washington), though my friend Kate and I lovingly call it "Sit and Wait". I would add Les Gamins (Vanderbilt & Dean) for some yummy French comfort food with a lovely backyard garden.

Have been away all summer.

You're asking the right place, my friend!

Demystifying 00 Flour

i'm glad i googled what "00" flour was. sounds like a toughie to work with!


Can't wait to make this one at home! (I mean, my dom.)

Best Food You've Had at a Music Festival?

I wish venues would advertise their food a bit more in those big music festivals. It definitely sways my decision!

I Actually Like The Ads on Serious Eats Now

Yo, @ajmill1978! Could you send a screenshot of what you're seeing over to

(thanks for the ping, @teachertalk!)

The Burger Lab: How To Make Any Cheese Melt Like American (Almost)

mmmmm. I can practically SMELL the beefy goodness from these pictures. I know what I'm having for lunch!

Lunch near the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Prospect Park)

* Teddy's on Washington north of Lincoln (yummy Greek place)
* Amorino on Vanderbilt and Prospect (artisanal pizzas)
* Gen on Washington at St Marks (sushi place with a very comfy ambiance)
* Chevella's on Classon at Park Place (GREAT mexican food)
* Eton on Vanderbilt just north of Prospect Place (dumplings! shave ice! delicious!)
* I've heard great things about Franny's on Flatbush but I haven't been there yet

If you want to avoid fancy/trendy/overpriced, pass up The Vanderbilt & Pequena. Tom's Diner is a classic Brooklyn establishment, though there's always a line out the door on weekends, and it's best for brunch.

Wherever you go, follow up with ice cream at Blue Marble on Underhill!

Honolulu eats! No sushi please!

this is a GOOD question. I visited Oahu a year and a half ago and had a hard time staying away from chains. :(

The Food Lab: How to Make Scallion Pancakes

!! I've always thought these would be an easy, yummy snack good for vegetarians like me! I'm totally pumped to make these at home.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: American Regional Lagers

I am utterly SHOCKED at the love for Natty Boh over here. You are my people!

Whatever happened to Zima?

@Lorenzo, "alco-pop", now you've got me wondering what genre of drink Zima falls under. I found an old post from Mr Kuban - - that calls it a "malternative".

How did people classify Four Loko, anyway?

Daily Slice: Tomato Pie from Conshohocken Bakery

I think I could get into tomato pie if it was spiced just right.