Tequila Sunrise Marmalade with Orange and Pomegranate

What do you mean by remove the peels? Just the zest from the rest or the entire peel including the pith?

Do You Pick the Leaves Off when using Cilantro/Parsley?

I don't, but I'm lazy.

Theme Birthday Party Food

Apparently the Knights of the Round Table are fighting the Bavarian's so I think I will do soft pretzels and mustards. Then Pizza for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Then calamari and mozzarella sticks for Cthulhu. Plenty of beer to go around and probably a big dinner of wings. Thanks everyone!

Theme Birthday Party Food

Calamari is a great idea! And it's one of his favorites.

Theme Birthday Party Food

My fiance's 30th birthday party is this upcoming weekend. He is a gamer and they are playing three games (I know I'm marrying a nerd, I'm one too). I wanted to serve one snack-like thing to go with each of the games. I can't think of a food that goes with a King Arthur/Camelot game or a Cthulhu related game. Any ideas?

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