I'm a craft bartender with a passion and interest in fine cocktails, artisan cocktail methodology, global cuisine, cooking as many meals as possible and a good book.

  • Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Favorite foods: I LOVE cooking mexican fare but also greatly enjoy New American approaches, German cuisine as well as Thai and French.
  • Last bite on earth: I can think only of something as simply as a sandwich of fresh bread from the oven, a great aged Gouda and German aged Black Forest ham or a spicy Calabrese with a fantastically paired glass of red.

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From Behind the Bar: On Tipping

The non-tipping idiots have to realise that the system in the US will not change in the remote future and they're self justifying their moronic beliefs. If you're too cheap, which is what you are if you don't tip, stay at home.

From Behind the Bar: On Vodka Sodas and First Dates

Great piece, although in my 10 years behind the stick it has never taken 3 minutes to make a Manhattan. Can you please explain how stirring a cocktail requires 3 minutes?

Have You Switched to Summer Beer?

I've made the switch to my summer standards of Ayinger Brau-Weisse, Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen, Carlsberg Pilsner and Three Floyd's Alpha King.

Destination-Worthy Milkshake: Kopp's Frozen Custard, Milwaukee

the address provided at the end of the article is wrong. there is yet to be a kopp's in boston :/

Poll: Do You Eat Burgers This Way?

I eat burgers this way under 2 situations: if the bun is far too small and in order to make it manageable i need to remove the "over-hang" or if my ingredients are hell bent on sliding out and I am forced to do some "damage control" if you will. Other than those 2 situations eating a burger like that is just weird.

A Sandwich a Day: Reuben at Jake's Delicatessen in Milwaukee

Always worth the trip. I have many of the same reservations about visiting Speed Queen as well but confidence and street smarts win out every time over the potential risks.

Daily Slice: Spicy Calabrese and Arugula from Classic Slice, Milwaukee

The make some tasty pizza but it's either overloaded with stuff causing everything to slide off the pie or as pictured with almost no cheese at all causing the same effect. I have a real love/hate relationship with how they do things :/

Milwaukee: What's All the Hype About at AJ Bombers?

The narcissitic overload that is twitter is sad enough in itself, in my opinion. The fact that some of you are having a small battle over it is pathetic. The food wasn't up to snuff, the review was level headed. I used to be a champion of The Social when Kevin Sloan originally opened it. Towards it's end i sent far too many people there and forced upon them some pretty bad meals. There comes a time when as an adult you have to accept that however much you may like an establishment, sometimes the quality of management doesn't always see to it that service and quality are constantly set at a high level.

Milwaukee: What's All the Hype About at AJ Bombers?

I hate to be incendiary but all Joe Sorge cares about is making money. If the community is pleased with him, great, but his establishments have been revolving doors as nothing has stuck around too long in the past because they have brought nothing to the table. If AJ Bombers stands the initial 2-3 year restaurant 'burn-out' phase I will be happy as more business mean more jobs. It will never hold the sort of longevity of a Mazo's, Kopp's or Sobelman's because what it makes up for in over the top, redundant marketing (in the short term) it lacks in creating itself as an institution. There is a reason some names in the restaurant business have been constant for over 30 years and it certainly wasn't because they marketed. They delivered a fantastic product time and time again, which as reviews seem to show, AJ Bombers has a hard time maintaining.

Milwaukee: What's All the Hype About at AJ Bombers?

On a side note, I'm a person who likes to feel "price validated" when ordering burgers and food as a whole. Stack'd falls flat for the price. The beef was initially ground in house but is now shipped in preground. The line staff has lost quality as of recent as well the quality of the ingredients as a whole. For a simple burger with cheese and bacon I'd rather go to Sobelman's or Mazo's than pay 10 dollars.

*On another side note, a cheeseburger with bacon is now $14 at Elsa's.

Quote of the Day: Canned Mushrooms. Discuss

haha, this gave me quite a laugh. I like to build DIY frozen pizzas from time to time and canned mushrooms are a staple, otherwise fresh are the only way to go.

Dear Slice: 'Maria's Pizza in Milwaukee - It Deserves Attention'

Maria's is easily my out and out favorite pizza in Milwaukee followed closely by Transfer as the quality of their pies is unmatched. As a Bayviewer I have given Classic Slice more than enough chances to make a pie that doesn't fall off the dough when you pick it up. Although the toppings and quality of ingredients is great their construction is severly lacking in my opinion (I still think the pizza is great just not exactly how I like a pie put together). My day to day New York style slices are had at Times Square Pizzeria. The owner Sean also serves up fantastic chocolates and solid sandwiches. Ned's is always a consistent favorite as well as Zaffiro's and Mama Demarini's.

I will have to second the Jimmy's Grotto comment. As a Waukesha native I can't recall how many 'ponzas' I've eaten over the years!

Butter Burgers at Kopp's in Greater Milwaukee: A Worthy Precursor to Sensational Custard

I always order my usual: a double cheeseburger with extra cheese, fried onions and extra butter. The grilled cheese sandwiches are also always worth an order!

Milwaukee: What's All the Hype About at AJ Bombers?

Kopp's has always been my standard for a great burger in Milwaukee. Sobelman's, Solly's, Mazo's and Buckley's are a unbelievably close second. To date though the best burger I've had in Milwaukee and easily the top 5 burgers I've had in my life was at County Clare on the east side of Milwaukee. I've never had a burger executed soo well from side to the thickness of the onions.

My boyfriend HATES vegetables...Help me!

To be slightly short of constructive I must say I pity people such as your boyfriend for all the culinary delights they will miss due to their stubborn and short sightedness. I was somewhat picky as a child and my father is beyond picky when it comes to how dishes are prepared and what condiments he uses. Regardless of my picky youth I have made a point of growing up (regardless of what some of you have said there's a point where people have to stop being dolts and learn to try new things) and trying a vast array of veggies and fare. The reason why people grow up with the palate that your boyfriend has is due to the laziness and ignorance of the American people in regards to other cultures and other cuisine. We're happy to jam our faces with greasy burgers and french fries and view anything to the contrary as "gross" and anything healthy as need for an excuse.


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